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Nonwhite Muslims experience of Arab racism...?

"You are 100% correct in the idea that there is racism in Arab countries and amongst muslims. I am a lebanese-indian-canadian muslim and because I am not a bright-white lebanese and have a more indian look about me, I was treated like **** by everyone who didn't know I could understand them, when I went to Lebanon this summer. Shop keepers payed no attention to me and many people asked me if I was a Sri Lankan maid. Even in my father's home villiage one lady couldn't believe that i was the daughter of a very respectable Lebanese family because I "looked like a maid" whilst accompanying my little sister (who looks lebanese) and my cousin to her shop.

Another incident: My mother was outside a police station waiting for important documents (in very nice Western clothing) when two idiots came to her and said "Go beg somewhere else" because again, she looked like a lesser person... of course my father who was standing nearby was ticked off. Honestly, if anyone is known for their racism it should be the Arabs at this point in time. I am also disgusted at the fact that some so called "Imams/Moulanas" can make sneering remarks about the Syrian race as a wholeand then go sit on the mimbar and preach. It makes me furious at the idiocity & hypocrisy that goes on with the level of racism that goes on in the Middle East.

Only the educated have the tolerance that our world so strives to reach.";_ylt=An0ta...

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    What about Arabs being mistreated by Americans????

    What about Indians being racist against Pakistanis???

    What about Africans being mistreated in their own lands by the white people of South Africa????

    This world is full of racist. It does not help by attacking a group of people about it.

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    I know a lot of Muslims and none of them choose to keep a beard . The only Muslims I have seen that grow a beard, are the weird fundamentalist kind. Its the least important part of the religion, its optional anyway. So get rid of that stupid thing before you look like all the other close minded freaks out there who think they understand the religion when they don't!! If you're joining the army, forget about preaching. Keep your views to yourself. You might end up serving in a war in a Muslim country. Are going to be ok with that? If you are, then... Just drop going on about your religion and focus on being an American. Because that's the only thing that matters .

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    well I don't know much about ur story cause the middle east is full of dark skinned people and they're all having a normal life like any other arab;just don't generalize racism exists among every nation,race,country..

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    Lebanese people are a special case because they think they are white

    North Africans and gulf arabs are a bit different in my experience.

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    arabs are the most racist on the earth!!

    funny though, in the wast theyre called "abeed al ramla" which if u speak arabic u know what it means.

    arabs are verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry racist

    i have alot of stories.

    one day i was speaking arabic with my friend, and some arab lady said about my friend "i didnt know blacks can speak arabic" and she glared at my friend!!

    this is nothing, they look down on everyone!

    and ppl here need to stop talking about africa as if its a country! africans can be really dark and extremly light...some have kinky hair some have soft hair down their waist!

    africa is a continent not country.


    if a american non muslim was racist against me i dont care, but it hurts when someone of ur religion that happens to be arab is raccist against u..especially when islam has no place for racist views

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    Well Arabs from the Gulf states look like people from Pakistan and India. Extremely dark.

    Your problem is with a race not the religion of Islam. So please shut up, and go to the proper section:

    Try the Africa&Middle East section;_ylt=Aq.Gg4TYda...

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    sometimes if you say salam to an arab muslim because i am half black they won't say anything. SOME feel that they are better than other races .... i mean but there is racism against every race ..

    Source(s): smoke really said it right !!!!!!!
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    did you know? Indonesian women that works in arab get raped, killed and treated like a slave???

    i hate them but i dont hate all arab, just persons who treat our worker like a slave. allah will punish those persons.

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    i've seen video of arab mistreating their foreign house maids pretty bad...

    Source(s): sad
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    Don't worry, they will pay the price on judgement day for it.

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