Should it be illegal to deny man-made climate change?

It's already against the law in many countries to deny the Holocaust, why not climate change? How important is free speech in regards to controlling the way people use energy?


Holocaust denial is illegal in most of Europe, so the framework already exists to criminalize climate-change denial.

Update 2:

regarding free speech being an important right: how important? Important enough for people to die for?

Update 3:

dang, nobody is biting today!

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    All together now, who can say T-R-O-L-L

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    Historically, the earth has worked in cycles of hot and cold. When the dinosaurs lived on earth, it was much hotter and muggier. Then there was the most recent ice age. We are currently still warming from that ice age. Many scientists believe that. They believe that man-made climate change is ridiculous.

    I guess you'll need to slap some cuffs on me if you really want that law passed, because I honestly don't believe in man-made global warming.

    While we're at it, Holocaust denial is a myth too. No one actually DENIES the entire Holocaust. They QUESTION bits and pieces of the official story of what happened during the Halocaust. No one denies that the Jewish people and others were treated horrifically during that time. They deny certain practices that, in their opinion, didn't happen. If you start thinking for yourself rather than being a sheep, you can see their argument. Agreeing with it is your own decision, but the world would be a better place if we were more open to other viewpoints and more willing to question what we're told. Do I agree with it? Not necessarily, but it is a good argument backed up by pretty reasonable evidence, conclusions, theories, and so on.

    However, as I step off my soap box, I do believe that we need to treat the planet better, not because of climate change, but because of the damage to the ecosystem. The earth has proven it has ability to correct the wrongs that happen to it. Nature adapts or it dies. We really don't want to incur that sort of wrath.

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    The fact is, whether you like it or not, there is ample proof that the Holocaust occurred. There are the remains of buildings, skeletons, first hand reports, and pictures, all of which cannot be refuted by science. However, with Global Warming (something I believe in) the data is unclear. There is scientific data available to support both sides of the argument, so neither can be determined to be 'the truth'.

    And as far as how important free speech is, it's one of the most important rights that we have. Without free speech then it would be quite simple to legislate -against- the global warming hypothesis, preventing you from even being able to ask this question.

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    No, anthropogenic global warming is a hypothesis at best.

    The burden of proof rests on the shoulder's of those claiming AGW is real. That's how science works.

    When they're able to do that convincingly and their experiments which support their conclusions can be reproduced in labs across the globe in a scientific capacity, they'll have my ear. Until then, it's nothing but political positioning/posturing in the name of science.

    Strange we don't hear AGW claims much anymore -- it's kept quiet, they stay in their own little circles and pat themselves on the back.

    Cleaning up the environment is a virtue -- the beauty in that is that NOBODY denies it. Advances in technology have provided great progress to that goal and it shows no sign of slowing (discounting China/India). That's the glory found in longer is your product enough to retain loyal consumers -- how you're doing business is reflected in your brand. Think WalMart or Gap if you want to talk about the detriment of ending up on the wrong side of public opinion. The brands are tarnished and they lose customers because of the way they bring product to market.

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    No, and what countries deny someone the right to deny the Holocaust? I know it happened, but who are we to say that someone can't deny it. Also, scientists are getting paid by both sides to say whatever they want to hear. So it is hard to say who is right. I personally believe that man-made climate change is so inconsequential, if existent, compared to natural climate change.

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    Are you helping or no longer helping the assumption climate substitute is brought about via people? i think of in all probability no longer, yet we ought to continually nonetheless stay much less wasteful lives. we are able to never comprehend the actuality. Scientists, like the rest people, are idiots. all of them take a seat around waiting for somebody who's certainly clever to return alongside and supply them the solutions. merely like in an place of work the place in effortless terms one or 2 people comprehend what they're doing and the rest take a seat around with twiddling their thumbs.

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    I started to laugh at that, but then realized that you might be serious.

    How would you feel if I wanted a to make it illegal to claim man-made climate change? You probably wouldn't like it.

    The notion of outlawing opinions that contradict your own is contrary to our right to freedom of speech.

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    1 decade ago

    Typical liberal BS. Can't stand to have anybody voice a differing opinion, so you've got to either "shoot the messenger" or try to silence the opposition! Free speech is what allows you to spout the BS you are now promoting!

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    No. If someone wants to deny global warning and look like an idiot, that's totally up to them.

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    you should start with the people who drove their SUVs inconsiderately on Mars and caused the global warming there. then get the ones who caused it on the other planets, too! Those rotten people.

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    Al Gore and the fascist would love that.

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