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according to john the pens were going to blow out the sharks because a shark is a dumb name for a team and the pens have better fans. so did they blow out the sharks? hahahaha i dont see john around so the pens must of got blownout themselves probly like 5-0 or something HAHAA.



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    I agree, Garrett. Star for you, buddy. Two things, however:

    1.) I am a Wings fan who is heavily rooting for the Coyotes this year after all the nonsense they've been through.

    2.) Be prepared for simple minded people to badmouth/report you and this question.

    Source(s): Pittsburgh Pirates fan - 2 things: 1.) Go Buccos! 2.) They are nothing without Gonchar more than Malkin. Look at the Penguins W-L record without Gonchar and WITH Malkin in the lineup. The fact both are out is just making matters worse, however I believe Sergei Gonchar is the bread and butter of that team. [EDIT#2] I agree that with Malkin in the lineup, it does lower the pressure off Crosby. Malkin is a huge reason to their offense. However, I still stand strong that Gonchar is the main reason because of how poor their power play is and how much of a difference their W-L record is without Gonchar in the lineup and a healthy Crosby and Malkin in the lineup. Oh, and need I say more that Jordan Staal deserves 4 million dollars about as much as the world needs another Freddie Prinze Jr. movie.
  • John is a moron and talks trash because he has no life. The Penguins need to step up their offensive game, because it is looking like without Malkin they're nothing. Everyone talks about their depth, but if they had so much depth how do you lose 5 - 0? Granted, the Sharks are a talent loaded team, but you would think that someone would be able to get a puck past Narbakov. It's still early, so we shall see what happens this season.

    - Enima - Gonchar is a huge part to the Penguins "offensive defensive" game, but he doesn't generate the blocked shots like McKee, or lay down nice hits like Orpik. The Penguins defensive struggles last night were in large part to a poor power play and poor goaltending. With Malkin in the lineup, it relieves pressure off of Crosby, who draws a ton of attention. It's hard to say that Gonchar is a more crucial player in the Penguins lineup, because Malkin can generate so many chances.

    - The thing about Gonchar is that Goligoski is basically a younger version of him. That's why I don't see Gonchar to be as important as Malkin. If Goligoski is healthy, then they should still be effective in that area.

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    The team is overrated. incredibly- i'm going to provide them Crosby and Malkin, bt incredibly it gets skinny after that. Any team that employs Hal Gill ought to no longer be a winner. think of roughly it- Boston some years back- losers. He went to Toronto- unfavorable. He joined the Penguins previous due interior the season, or perhaps nevertheless they made it deep interior the playoffs, they misplaced and now are biting it this 12 months.

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    No. They lost 5-0 to the sharks

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    Well, I did enjoy watching it. It wasn't a close game as I hoped for, but nevertheless entertaining. The Pens getting blown out is just another reason why you don't count your chickens before they hatch. GO SHARKS!

  • Actually you got beat to the punch on this question by phillyflyer

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    I wonder where the bandwagons penguins fans are right now? Oh yeah that's right they only show up when they win.

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    I believe they...wait, what's that? Couldn't even manage to score a goal on the road? So much for blowout; they couldn't even manage to win.

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    Nope, and against Anaheim too... for shame

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    Garret you gott owned lol!!

    Did the coyotes win lmfao......

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