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Pokemon Emerald, Best Water Type?






Which one is the best and what nature suites them the best?

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    the guy above is actually talking a lot of krap, wailord happens to the weakest pokemon on the list, the strongest is starmie but ludicolo will give it problems. gyrados is strong as well but it doesnt have the moves to back up its power. tentacruel is good but its better only if you want to counter a specific group of pokemon like water, ice and grass. other wise it will die to earthquake, thunderbolt, psychic. so the best pokemons on your list is starmie and ludicolo. choose the one you like the best cause you wont be dissappointed.

    Source(s): Ive beat the game, got all the battle frontier symbols and ive used all the pokemon on your list
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    the answer depends upon what other pokemon you have in your party. if you already have a grass type then ludicolo is a waste of time. if you already have a flying type then gyarados is a waste of time. it all depends. if you dont care about what all that then i'd say the best pokemon would be either wailord (for his hit points) or ludicolo (for his interesting variety of moves). anyways... THE MOST POWERFUL WATER TYPE WOULD BE WAILORD. but only in the emerald game.

    Source(s): i beat the game =)
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    You should have Wailord because It can take the hits with it's high Hp. It also has very good attacks to know. It also has a good defense.

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    u can choose a pokemon that have the best stats and skills

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    i personally think


    he has tons of hp and its really annoying for the other person to keep on hitting and hitting and it wont die.

    im not sure about the natures though;_ylt=As6ub...

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    Gyarados because it is stronger in every way.

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