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Did the Penguins win last night?

Just kidding they weren't on last night but my real question is that me and my dad got into a heated argument (actually it was just a debate) about who had a better NHL career Patrick Roy or Bernie Parent, I said Patrick Roy and my dad said Bernie Parent.

So I leave it up to you who was better Patrick Roy or Bernie Parent? And why?

BQ: Guess the attendance at the Coyotes game tonight.

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    Patrick Roy has the better resume, hands down. Bernie Parent, however, was a TREMENDOUS goaltender. If you put Bernie Parent in the technology and training of today's game, he may have been a better goalie. However, you can't say "what could have been". You can only go by what is etched in stone.

    For that reason.. Patrick Roy.

    BQ: 5,000 including arena staff and homeless people.

  • Where's your yellow hat and doll collection? Wait a minute...

    Roy...a complete headcase but those Stanley Cups speak volumes.

    I'll say 6,501 in Price is Right style.

    Based on this morning's scores, I'll betcha a box of Timbits our yellow-hat wearing rube doesn't post that question this morning.

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    Patrick Roy, he set records and changed goaltending as we know it. Every goalie tries to copy Roy, he was a revolutionary.

    And i'll guess 13

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    Roy was better. Parent was amazing, but here, I say Roy.

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    Roy. I've never hard of Bernie Parent.

    BQ - Between 5,000 and 6,000 fans.

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    BQ: i dont know bad, but hey we're playing chicago tonight so they know all about having 6,000 fans in the stands on a good night.

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