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Who can't join the army?

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    About 29 out of 30 kids in my experience as a recruiter. I had to filter through about 30 kids, on average, to find ONE who was eligible to enlist. There are literally hundreds of reasons to make people ineligible to enlist. The most prevalent:

    - Medical/physical issues (allergies, asthma, overweight)

    - Legal Issues (felonies and most misdemeanors)

    - Educational (no HSD or GED and can't pass the ASVAB)

    Source(s): Me, just left recruiting duty
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    There are many, many reasons why you can't join. Most often they are medical issues, criminal history, weight problems, and believe it or not, people unable to score high enough on the ASVAB.

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    My neighbor.... he's 82 years old.

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    paris hilton


    but oh would i love to see her in bootcamp! hilarious!

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