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Do you think that the POLES and the CZECHS were bribed so that the Lisbon Treaty would be ratified?

After all, they did seem to cave in rather easily didn't they?

Is this the way that the Europhiles want to us British to be more like, i.e. cheese eating surrender monkeys rather than BRITISH LIONS?

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Quite right CS, and the Irish too. Funny how they all caved in when the EU money went pouring into Ireland to prop up their economy.

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    Foxy you have hit the nail on the head.

    President Klaus from the Czech republic held out for two years, because he could see the dangers that existed within the treaty,but just like our greedy MP's his senators could see a fat financial income by signing the treaty and he finally had to agree with his parliament.The most important comment he made after signing was to tell the people,"That the Czech Republic will cease to be a sovereign state"

    I did not hear that from our so called wonder boy Brown, did you?

    Of course the whole episode on Poland, Czech Republic and Ireland was all about bribery by the Brussels bureaucrats.

    Brussels has become the home of the European Mafia, who are now looking for their godfather.

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    A little bit of bribery goes a long way. Every man has his price in this corrupt organisation.

    What surprises me is how long this Godless and increasingly corrupt organisation has lasted. It must soon crumble into the stinking pit it has made for itself.

    Hitler lasted about twelve years. USSR lasted 60 or so Napoleon about 30. The EC must be coming to the end as it outgrows its own strength.

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    "Deals done" - subsidies increased - Gravy train refuelled and ready to roll.

    500 million people in the EU with 496 million having no say in the matter, not exactly a "democratic" majority vote.

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    Actually Kaminski was none too keen to sign the treaty, and Vaclav Klaus held out as long as was feasible. Sorry you're so pointlessly xenophobic, but consider this: the cheese-eating surrender monkeys were right about Iraq. Perhaps they're right about Lisbon too?

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    Bribed, bullied, conned you name it, doesn't really matter. Vote if you wish, as long as it's yes they'll accept it.

    It's incredible the amount of people on here who go on about fascism, but don't recognise it when it bites them in the @rse.

  • Adamo
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    If so, it was likely with small carrots, which is pretty much business as usual in the EU.

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    It was in their favour, after all two piss poor countries already milking Britain for all their worth now they get to fully invade. God help us all

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    Yes; as I think Ireland was bribed as well.

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    the irish too

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