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Should John& Edward Win X-Factor?

So whats your oppinion on the twins?


Lloyd to win :Dxx

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    John & Edward Should Of Defo been Out By Now .. I Defo Think That This Show Is Fixed This Year .. because No Offence They Are Sooo Rubbish.!!!!

    I Mean On The LIve Show 4 Rachel Went Out Over John & Edward When They Were Not Even In Tempo Or Tune, Plus They Forgot Pretty Much Most of The Words Of The Song && I Think That They have Ruined The Career Of Queen.!!!!

    They Are the Worst Contestents.!! & You Can Tell that The Show Is Fixed By The Fact That John & Edward Are Louis Friends Nephews.!!

    I personally This That They Are Ruining All Of the Good Contestants Chances Of Winning As There Are So Many Great Talented performers.!!

    Danyl Johnson To Win (: <3

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    Well, I'd say a vast majority of people want the two out. But, the public keep them in just to wind the judges up. Plus the two are a good example of what X Factor is, finding the best karaoke singer. Apart from people like Alexandra, Leona and JLS, every one of them are just rubbish. And even the good ones will be struck down for being too nicey nicey. And including the good ones, they will never be as successful or as popular as singers like Bon Jovi or Mariah Carey. It was good and fun to watch the first time, but after they stuck with it like a child to it's mother, it's losing it's fire.

  • John and Edward should not win the X-Factor because they shouldn't have even got through to boot camp let alone be in the finals!!

    They clearly can't sing as Simon says, but i will say they are a laugh to watch! lol

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    No way - they are crap! Their presence means a week less for other more talented people. They should stop putting people like this through as it is a waste of everyone's time!

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    Hell no. They sound like two cats being strangled in a bag, then drowned and shook. They're awful and I can't understand why on earth the great british public have left them in!


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    they should have gone by now!!! if they are in the final three i will so not ever watch the x factor ever again!! they are a joke! they cannot sing or dance...they look robotic when they try to dance, you can see them thinking about the next move!!!

    lucy to win!!

    p.s. what was with danyl's performance on saturday?!

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    YES, just to p%* # off Simon Cowell

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    no they are rubbish and cannot sing.i think its most of ireland that are voting for them tbh

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    I think that they are in for a chance the public like them :P

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