Mormons, why do eat chocolate and drink hot cocoa?

You do not allow yourself caffeine.. so why do eat chocolate?

All chocolate has caffeine.. the darker the chocolate the more the caffeine.

I'm not dogging you or anything.. only curious.

I was at a dinner for some elders one night and I asked them this question.. 2 of them said nothing.. and one said "I don't know.. I didn't know that there is caffeine in chocolate..but shh.. don't tell the Bishop".

As funny as his answer didn't really provide me with any information, plus I'm sure Bishops know there is caffeine in chocolate.

So.. why?


I am not a Mormon. I have a few Mormons friends and a lot of Mormon family.. but I would not consider them Christian.. and yes.. I've expressed this them. And we all still love each other.

To the JW one.. I know that they will not recieve blood transfuions (have a few of them in the fam as well) but I don't get the meat thing..

Update 2:

It was only one elder that answered.. and yes he was kidding...but he honestly had no idea. And all 3 of them, my friend who was mormon and the other guy there all said that their chrurch strictly says No caffiene.. So none of them would consume anything with it.. except chocolate.

Update 3:

Well all the Mormons I know.. and I know a great many, substain from caffiene. And I can think of one certain chrurch that does in fact tell their church not to consume anything with caffiene.

Of course my sister says that they don't tell her that in her church.

But it seems to me that the Mormon church is always changing something.. I guess that makes sense considering Josheph did it first..

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    Interestingly enough, I cut out caffeine because of the effect it was having on me (not for any reasons of belief)

    Yet I eat dark chocolate which does not have that effect on me.

    Maybe it is not as illogical as it seems.

    P.S. It has to be Fair Trade chocolate (Divine dark!)

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    They were just joking.

    The Word of Wisdom- the health code followed by Mormons- does NOT forbid caffeine. People just assume it does. It prohibits tea (made from actual tea leaves), coffee, alcohol, and illicit drugs. There is no specific reason given- we believe it to be a commandment from Heavenly Father, and if He says it's not good for our bodies, then that's a good enough reason for us.

    If someone says it's against the rules for a Mormon to drink a Coke or a Mountain Dew because it has caffiene in it, they're misinformed or lying. We have been warned against getting addicted to caffeine and against drinking large amounts of it because it can lead to addiction (and other various health problems). Chocolate is okay, a diet Coke is okay, etc.

    I don't drink caffeinated sodas, but I just don't drink any soda at all. This choice has nothing to do with my religion and everything to do with knowing it's a healthy choice to make.

    I'm sorry you don't consider us Christians, but that's just too bad. The good news is you can't take someone's Christianity away from them.

    Source(s): I'm LDS, I'm familiar with the Word of Wisdom
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    There is nothing anywhere about caffeine and that we should not take it in. The Word of Wisdom refers to "hot drinks" (see link below). At the time that it was revealed to Joseph Smith the only "hot drinks" to be had were tea and coffee. Those are the problem. The recently discovered medical reason for this is because they are both very acidic and can do some serious damage to the digestive tract. Tannic acid is used in tanning leather. My intestines do not need to be tanned! Some will argue the healthful advantages to certain teas, but herbal teas are fine. Just not tea from tea leaves (not even green tea.)

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    The church has not taken a position on this ever. The drinks that were common back when the word of wisdom was brought to us were coffee and tea and the alcoholic beverages. Coke, Pepsi, are the largest caffeine providers to the world. However they came along after. I think because caffeine is the weakest of the mentioned drugs, it is not mentioned as strongly. One will note that modern drugs are not in the word of wisdom either, although I have never met an LDS person that uses them. No one that I know eats enough chocolate to really hurt their health. Caffeine hurts our health the least, and so they have not been brought up. Over eating is somewhat against the word of wisdom, but the Lord has not impressed the Prophets to push that either. Liquor is the worst. Millions of people are killed by drunk drivers annually. Thousands of divorces are caused by drinking and the medical expenses to our economy are in the Billions. This is the worst. The 2nd worst is Tobacco. Cancer caused by this drug kills thousands. It is also irratating to those around you. Medical costs for this drug is in the Billions annually also. Many people back then chewed it. It was the main culpret for the Prophet to inquire of the Lord. Emma had something to do with it too. She had to clean up the mess of those who couldn't hit the spitoon. So, It hasn't been upgraded, likely because the new caffeine drinks are not as life threatening as the other.

    However, I do not drink caffinated drinks, but I do not condemn those who do. I don't because I watched my X-wife get addicted to Pepsi. I saw how it got ahold of her. So I stay away from it even though it is not really listed as one of the stay away from items. The Prophets have come out against drugs in their talks, but that is a gimme. One can see the destruction drugs have on the society and culture.

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    There are more harmful ingredients besides caffeine in coffee and tea. Ever hear of tannic acid that is used to treat hides for leather goods? That chemical is in coffee and tea.

    Caffein, per se, is not prohibited for Latter-day Saints to consume, hence the practice of many LDS to drink Dr. Pepper, Coke, and Pepsi.

    What is important to remember is that the Lord instructed us to avoid coffee and tea as they were the prime drinks of the time of the revelation. Only in the 20th century did scientists learn of the harmful ingredients in coffee and tea, yet, the Lord knew it and counseled us to abstain.

    Chocolate foods and drinks have never been singled out to avoid. Until such time, and if the Lord so directs, we will avoid them.

    Following the spiritual law of the Word of Wisdom is the goal of every worthy Latter-day Saint. Walking the fine line of what we should consume or what we should avoid is counterproductive to following the Lord's will.

    Source(s): LDS
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    acually not consuming caffiene is a personal preferance in our church. the rule is in our church to not drink coffee or tea, but some people just don't have caffiene at all. I think it is because coffee and tea are addictive and chocolate generally isn't.

    and the thing about the elders and chocolate...they were probably just kidding.

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    Well, i rarely drink cola anymore or any soda, but if on a long drive and getting tired, nothing quite like the energy/sugar rush from cola and chocolate...

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    Section 89 of the Doctrine & Covenants (D&C), also known as the Word of Wisdom, is a revelation appertaining to the health and strength of our physical bodies. The focus relative to this question is 'hot drinks' and caffeine, two separate items which, when lumped together as one, result in misconceptions concerning the Word of Wisdom.

    And again, hot drinks are not for the body or belly. (D&C 89:9)

    As noted in the question, the confusion occurs when one misunderstands the Word of Wisdom. Some members of the Church as well as many non-members understand the Word of Wisdom, specifically the definition of 'hot drinks' mentioned in verse nine, this way:

    Hot drinks = coffee and tea. Coffee and tea have relatively high levels of caffeine, therefore the reason LDS abstain from coffee and tea is because of the caffeine, therefore LDS abstain from all products containing caffeine, true?

    False, actually. This presents a logical error, known as a fallacy of definition, because the definition is too broad. The official and correct definition of 'hot drinks' as found in the Word of Wisdom is simply this:

    Hot drinks = coffee and tea.

    The Word of Wisdom is a basic law of health, in other words, it is a good starting point. Add to this the "body is a temple" scripture found in the Bible and we begin to have a clearer understanding of the Church's emphasis on being vigilant of what we ingest and on the well being of our bodies. The standard works have many scriptures admonishing us not to defile the mind or the body. "The promises associated with the Word of Wisdom are considered both temporal and spiritual. The temporal promise has been interpreted as better health, and the spiritual promise as a closer relationship to God."

    Latter-day Saints, with the Word of Wisdom as a foundation and mindful of both the scriptures and the counsel of a living prophet, are encouraged to personalize their health regimen and-just like anyone else who chooses to live a healthy lifestyle-quickly realize that there are many paths and options. At this juncture, members of the Church decide for themselves if they will follow the basic parameters of the Word of Wisdom (that is, to simply abstain from coffee, tea, alcohol and tobacco), or if they will go the extra mile, for example by not drinking any caffeinated drinks or eating any caffeinated products whatsoever. In the Church, we refer to this as living according to what the Holy Spirit has revealed to each of us, or in this instance, living according to the spirit of the Word of Wisdom.

    The Word of Wisdom contains two kinds of instructions: (1) prohibitions, and (2) counsel. The prohibitions are binding upon the Saints; the counsel, precisely because it is counsel, is up to each of us as individuals. The prohibition in question is against 'hot drinks.' The Church has, as a body, accepted that the hot drinks in question are coffee and tea. The high caffeine content of these drinks has been widely discussed, and is generally accepted, as a likely explanation for the prohibition; but this explanation has, of itself, no binding doctrinal force.

    A personalized interpretation of the Word of Wisdom oftentimes adds to the confusion of "what is the Word of Wisdom." Our personal interpretation should not be forced on other members, nor should it be promoted as THE Word of Wisdom. It isn't THE Word of Wisdom; it is YOUR personalized version that you view as consonant with the spirit of the Word of Wisdom. Keeping this in mind, when someone informs us that "THE Word of Wisdom says don't drink caffeinated beverages," he/she is incorrect.

    "But," some may ask, "what about what President Hinckley said on the 'Larry King Show' and '60 Minutes'?" President Hinckley's acknowledgement of his interviewer's leading questions is not indicative of a shift in formal Church policy. It doesn't work that way. If the President of the Church ever wants to formally include caffeine in the Word of Wisdom, he will do so through established Church channels, not by a media interview.

    Source(s): I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
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    I am Mormon and I dont eat chocolate.

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    Mormonism's leaders just want control, so they pick and choose what to sanction and what to not. Many Mormons are stuck between guilt and seeing how ridiculous their religion is

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