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please help t-mobile & verizon problem?

i just got a lg Env touch from verizon,but i dropped it in a lake and i got a free one with a simcard in it.they just announced that t-mobile produced a t-mobile sidekick 3G,since verizon is 3G too,can i buy a unlocked t-mobile sidekick 3G off ebay and put my verizon simcard in it?? i don'tcare if i cant go on the web browser,ill be fine if i can text and talk on it?? please include a full and detailed answer!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    the env touch doesnt have a sim card, none of the verizon phones do. Verizon is CDMA and Tmobile is GSM or something like that. CDMA networks dont use Sim cards. If theres something in your phone, its probably a memory that would be a no......sorry :(

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