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Name the signs you had a relationship with?

Then say whether they were good or bad relationships.

Lets see what sign is good to be in a relationship with. Best answer goes to the person who was most accurate amongst all the answers.

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    3 Leos: All were very possessive and convinced they wanted to take care of me. It didn't work out because I don't like people taking care of me. In the end, break ups with Leos were the cleanest because when they asked me (and they all did), "Is there ever another chance?" and I replied no, they respected that and let it go. They didn't push or regret. Now all three of them are happily in other relationships and we can discuss their new relationships without hard feelings of our broken one.

    4 Aquarius: It was very touch and go; hot and cold for me. The attraction was there but our personalities just didn't mesh well. I'm idealist. A daydreamer. All of them ended up being totalitarians. The break ups were messy but cold. Again touch and go. At the very end we had to fade apart instead of just being able to break it off.

    2 Aries: The meeting of an Aries is magnetic. I am what they want. (Not saying all of them but the two I dated.) We were able to dance a good tango but they wouldn't stop stepping on my toes. My stubbornness matched with their fierce attitudes always ended in tragedy. :( Unfortunately it was tragedy more on my end from these two. They're very good at hurting little Libra. Years later we don't ever, ever communicate.

    1 Capricorn: This was a relationship that was more of attempt to make something where there was nothing. We could talk about a few subjects but there wasn't a depth that I needed. He was a typical guy and I was a typical girl. It didn't mix well. It took years of on and off relationships for him to finally lie to me and see how pissed I could really get. From time to time he stills contacts me but I have to say I really hold a grudge against him, over even the Aries, because of the lies he told me. Plus as far as his personality went, he was lacking to me. (And terrible in bed.)

    1 Virgo: This was my longest relationship. But it only lasted that long because we lived together in a state where I knew nobody. Had I been able to move away long before 2 years was up I would have done so. We did NOT get on well at all. To me he was shallow, deceptive, a constant liar, and cheated on me multiple times. Whenever an ex of his came along that flirted with him, he was off with her. To him I was a whiny, self-absorbed brat. I stressed about stupid **** he didn't and refused to do things the way he did them. Finally after 2 years I threw him out of my apartment. The break up was disgusting to me. I understood we didn't mix well so I never spread any rumors and **** about him. I'm adult. I got over it. He didn't though. To this day I still get his little girlfriends coming to me and whining to me about how horrible I was.

    1 Taurus: And one was enough for me. He decided I was his soul mate and I used him for that. He was my back burner guy for years. We would get together and everything was butterflies and hearts until I got tired of the constant smothering he gave me. He was very dedicated to me and it was beautiful but not something I needed. After 5 years of these sickly sweet and then cold and hard flings I finally told him I couldn't see him anymore. He was a huge sweetheart and I just couldn't handle treating him terribly anymore. Now we don't talk much out of fear for seeing each other and getting back into the old cycle of things but I only wish the best for him.

    1 Gemini: And it ended almost as fast as things started. It only lasted a month but it was a whirlwind. We thought alike and loved it but I couldn't stand that other twin. His temper was also too close to mine and we decided we were better off not getting romantic anymore.

    2 Libras: I was very attached to both of the Libras. They were very pretty and had lots of sweet words. In the end I think the dual Libra thing didn't work because we both ended up flirting with other people. One of the libras still approaches me and tries to get me with all the pretty proclamations of love but I know better. His eyes are for every pretty girl. However, I will tell you that it was a very big lesson for me. They taught me exactly what I was doing to other people. (Especially Mr. Taurus) They didn't like my clinginess and got bored and wandered away.

    And now, my one Scorpio. My husband. I couldn't be happier that we met at the time we did. Any sooner or later and this would not have worked as well as it does. We're both at that point where things are great and we weren't desperate for love but found it anyway. I charm him, he seduces me, i woo him, he holds me when I cry, I calm down his little roller coaster, he keeps up with my constant whirl wind of life, and through it we both keep everything out in the open knowing the secretive and possessive natures of the other person. I still flirt with guys without realizing it but he is careful with his jealously and lets me know when something is bothering him. He gets very clingy and overly mushy and since I'm rarely like that I hold him at an arm's length for a shor

    Source(s): Sun, moon, Venus, Mercury: Libra. Rising: Pisces Mars: Virgo Pluto: Scorpio
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    I'm a Libra with a Scorpio Venus

    Taurus three times! For some reason I attract Taurus and they have always wanted serious relationships with me. I would say they were passionate but quite hard work and very moody and aggressive.

    I have dated Gemini before and it went disastrous and was very short and his feelings kept changing. He wanted to get back with me but I refused.

    When I dated Leo it was also disastrous and I felt like it was all one way and he was only interested in the sex, and I got very very annoyed.

    Sagittarius was just very short and he slept with someone else almost as soon as we started dating - but at least he admitted it and said sorry and that he was not ready for a relationship and we stayed friends and still see each other.

    I am now dating a Cancer and it is my first time I have dated one and it is going the best so far. We have been together for a year and 4 months so far.

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    1. Taurus: always had ways of getting close to me, had a wonderful voice, could be simply *charming* at times, i loved the way he made things seem so obvious for a shy Virgo like myself. good-looking, knew just how to talk, smart, rough around the edges, but still, a good heart anyway. BUT, he was super stubborn and once there was a misunderstanding, he never cared to resolve any issues. I was left all alone. Oh, and he even hit me pretty bad once. So there. ******!!! tried approaching me later, but now I realise that, even if I had chosen to be with him again, my heart wouldn't be able to take him in again. It took enough pain to seal my heart against him permanently. Anyway, he's the banker type of guy. Good turned HORRIBLE!!

    2. Leo: Ok, this one was real tall. Cute, decent, popular. Sweet too. Smart. I dumped him, but I don't really have any bad feelings against him, and I know he doesn't either. This one makes me laugh. In many ways, he was just too wild for me. Kinda impatient. My friend's brother.He used to send me chocolates and mints though, reaffirming his Leo characteristics, of having to send gifts. Real short one. Neither good nor bad.

    3. Aquarius: This was not a relationship, but more of a fling. This guy made everyday of mine interesting. I remember once he actually cleaned my desk, sorting out ALL my papers, my stationery, everything. And, I remember our eyes always used to meet. Like always. I never really could understand why. But, one of my friends was deeply in love with him, even though he didn't like her, and he was just someone I had fun being around with, so I kept my distance after that. Later, when we met up though, we had a nice, sweet talk. This guy was intelligent, spontaneous, HIGHLY unexpected, funny, creative, sweet, athletic. I could see that he treated me differently from other girls. He'd be complimenting my Language skills. good, but only as a fling.

    4. Scorpio: Need I say anything? Well, what I want to say is that, although we are all lucky enough to get the most fun and amazing experiences with people we're attracted to, sometimes, we don't know what it is that we really want. what we're really looking for. and, that I found with this guy. I no longer have that feeling as though something were missing in my life. Ok, ok, enough romance, lemme tell you just how he is. Speaks not so much, but can leave a lasting effect when he does. Does what he says. Truly dependable. Honest. Passionate. Caring. Magnetic. I know people find Scorpios intense, which he is, but, this one, I find incredibly sweet. And, there's something about his face, that goes BEYOND good looks. Even this guy is unexpectedly fascinating, haha. And, also very investigative...lol. not good, not great, but "THE BEST".

    OK...I'm a Virgo girl, and I'm done now. Hope you didn't get bored!

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    Ok...best question all day!!!

    First, I am a Gemini...female.

    1. Libra- lasted 2 years. he was fun, sensitive, attentive, jealous, good in bed, crazy, and a "bad boy"

    2. Virgo- lasted 3 years. she, yes she was funny, sensitive, attractive, sexual, crazy, possessive/obsessive, clingy, deeply in love with me

    3. Leo- lasted 3 and half years. she was a hand full, show off, extremely attractive to where I was always nervous around her, very intelligent, very ambitious, spontaneous, take charge type, we balanced each other out, she was extroverted, i am introverted (sometimes), very sexual, talked for ever about anything, loyal, kinda flirtatious but so am I. (((((the best one for female))))

    4. Pisces- off and on for past 2 in half years. he is the current one. very sensual, quiet, myserious, sexual, passionate, stylish, we don't communicate well as i would like to. we can fix that though. ((((so far the better one of the guys))))

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    Sagittarius: She was busy all the time, and wasn't affectionate enough for me.

    Libra: She was really nice but she was too outgoing, and not affectionate enough for me

    Virgo: We had a real good relationship

    Aries: She was to impatient for me.

    Leo: She was to bossy for me.

    My sign is Taurus

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    Virgo- Bad, just didnt work out.

    Aquarius- Bad, waaay too aloof for me. I wasnt romantic enough for him.

    Pisces- Good! My current and longest relationship ever.

    Source(s): Im a female Virgo
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    libra - it was okay but i seriously wasn't interested. he was really persistent so i let it drag for awhile.

    virgo - terrible. we played the jealousy game and yelled at each other every couple of days. we stopped talking to each other shortly after his birthday. he didn't invite me to his party.

    sagittarius - great connection, i was really in love, he wasn't. he was two timing me the whole time.

    leo - same story. he's a bisexual and he didn't tell me he was dating the guy he was living with. i dumped him

    gemini - didn't last long. we dated for awhile and then he ditched me for his exgirlfriend. i was pissed off. he wanted to be friends but i completely cut off all relations.

    i'm good now. i don't need more bullsh*t from anyone.

    Source(s): pisces gemini moon sagittarius rising
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    I'm a Sagittarius

    1. Cancer - funny, romantic, artistic, and unique, but insecure and easily upset over little things

    2. Aries - very witty and a nice guy, but his personality was sort of shallow (not showing a lot of deep thoughts or feelings)

    3. Taurus - sexy and artistic but self-centered and not very interesting

    4. Capricorn - funny, exciting, but also self-destructive, self-centered, and negative

    5. Capricorn again - Intelligent, gentle, unique, a scientist, but he was very stubborn and guarded, and sometimes just boring

    6. Virgo - Sweet, attentive, smart, but insecure and needy and jealous and very conservative (he was uncomfortable with anything unfamiliar)

    7. Cancer again - artistic and interesting, but very insecure and kind of an angry person, not very smart

    8. Scorpio - intelligent, funny, deep, honest, sensitive, and kind, but also secretive, competitive, stubborn, and indecisive

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm a Virgo.

    I never kept tract because I wasn't into astrology before. I did the last 2 relationships.

    Aries - 4 yr relationship and the best :-)

    Virgo - Not very good. We were to alike. He had a Gemini Moon and Ascendant. I don't get a long with Gemini's very well.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I thought this question was interesting. I have dated a few guys of different signs in the past, now im engaged to a sagittarius.

    The signs of guys I've dated are Cancer, Gemini, Aries, Aries, Sagittarius.

    The Aries and Sagittarius are the best.

    Source(s): 7/11
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    I have been in a relationship with a Gem born June 18, I left him because of all his lies. He has been lying to me since from the beginning that we've first met. I just can't take it anymore, he used me and he lied about little things to big things like money and hiding his real life from me, he made clever and good stories to lie upon. Spent hours and days strategizing and perfecting the lies that he will lie to me. I felled for them, but I always found out the truth because I'm way smarter than he is. At the end, he made a huge fool out of himself for all his stupid lies.

    He is extremely attractive and I felled hard for him, but at the end, he is nothing but an evil, selfish, and disgusting demon. Everytime I think or look at him, that's how I see him. The outside he might look handsome and charming, but inside, all there is is an ugly monster. Hidden and masked by his good looks. And he uses that to his advantage.

    Gems are so slick, you wouldn't even know that they are lying. You will always suspect though and feel suspicious towards cheaters and liars. Someone told me once, let the liars be with the liars, and the cheaters be with the cheaters:)

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