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My New Pokemon Emerald Team?

I've just defeated Winona, and got my sixth gym badge, now i am training my pokemon in Mauville. My Party now is:

Breloom: Level 49 & Serious Nature



Sky Uppercut

Leech Seed

Sceptile: Level 49 & Bashful Nature


Quick Attack

Leaf Blade


Heracross: Level 27 & Jolly Nature (I was breeding for an adamant nature but it was taking soo long, i couldn't be bothered or asked anymore.)

Brick Break

Horn Attack


Fury Attack

Skamory: Level 49 & Relaxed Nature



Steel Wing

Air Cutter

Crobat: Level 49 & Docile Nature

Air Cutter



Poison Fang

Any Improvements?

Should I train more?

Where is a good training spot?

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    Woah dude u got a alryt party but... i also wud say get red of skarmory ;) a Gd training spot is usally in the caves.. orr the sand storm place i wud train ur heracross abit more. it wud also be Gd to have a electric type in your party.. like pikachu. You can catch Pikachu at the Safari Zone. and train it to its evolved form u have 2 grass type pokemon ever thought u shud get a water type pokemon? You shud capture a marill and evolve it Give it lots of berrires and make sure it has a bold nature.

    have fun

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    Heracross needs a little more training, but other than that you're good to go. as for the training spot, I always go for the REALLY tall grass near Fortree city (I'm pretty sure I messed that up), hope I could help!

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    well i would get rid of skarmory cuz there is no point have 2 flying types. also i would reccommend having someone with a move that can kill flying types well because heracross sceptile and breloom are very vulnerable.

    for a water type i would get a gyrados and i would also reccomend getting a alakazam or gardenvoir.

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