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what contact tip do i need for welding?

i have a clarke 100en welder and 0.8mm gasless wire but there is a 0.6mm contact tip on the welder my question is,although the wire went through it will not feed will i have to change tip to 0.8,and will gasless wire work with gas,the other bit is can i use a larger contact tip e.g.1.0mm with this wire

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The reason the .8 wire goes through the .6 contact tips is that the tip is worn out to the .8mm size. In any case replace the tip with a new .8mm tip to match the size of the wire. When the tips gets worn out it will arc inside and weld the wire to the inside of the tip or cause drag on the wire and will not feed right. A new tip will correct this issue. Gasless wire or flux core wire was originally designed to be ran with gas. It was not till the 1990's that it became known as a dual shield. Adding gas will give you better penetration but you will still have to deal with the slag after welding. You may also want to look into some nozzle dip or spray as it will lubricate the tip and allow it to last a little while longer also helping with the feeding issue. I like the dip as the cost is less and it lasts longer than the spray. Good luck.

    Here are a couple of welding sites that my help,

    (32 years welding - certified)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Not knowing your welding experience, the basics.

    As you use the welder, the contact tip wears out making the hole bigger.

    At some point, when the wear is too much, when you trigger the gun, the wire will burn off inside the contact tip.

    Time for a new contact tip.

    Pick up a bag of contact tips that match your welding wire size at your local welding supply store.

    Do not cheap out and buy only one tip. For sure, on a sunday night you will need a new one.

    If you have a gas-less wire, it is commonly called duel shield.

    It has a flux core.

    You said the 0.8mm wire went through the 0.6mm tip, but it would not feed.

    Use only enough tension on the DRIVE rollers to feed the wire.

    Too much pressure on the drive rollers will crush the wire and it will not fit through the contact tip.

    At our shop we use CO-2 gas with the duel shield wire.

    Hope this helps.


    Source(s): Experience.
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