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need to know a good social theme for a analitical response paper?

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    Issues that affect large segments of society are social themes. Such as HIV/AIDS, Welfare, Immigration, Education, etc.


    -Theme: Turmoil at home and conflict abroad causes America to take action and reevaluate its domestic and foreign policies.

    -Definition: The completion of railroads connected the country by 1883 and encouraged the westward movements of people, promoted commerce, and communication.

    -Explanation: The railroads helped to link distant parts of the United States of America. This linking helped foster the movement and exchange of goods, ideas and services. This achievement stimulated cooperation, industrialization and the diffusion of culture and values.


    Panic and Depression of 1893

    -Theme: Turmoil at home and conflict abroad causes America to take action and reevaluate its domestic and foreign policies.

    -Definition: The Depression of 1893 was caused by over extension of the domestic economy, high tariffs, a plunge in markets, and droughts that destroyed the delicate balance of nature needed by farmers.

    -Explanation: A series of bank failures and financial collapses in 1893 brought to a head the bleak conditions of industry, farmers and the working class nationwide. The Silver Purchase Act of 1890, depletion of the treasury's gold reserves, liquidation of American securities abroad, and protectionist philosophy led to the Pullman Strike, and the fiery candidacy of William Jennings Bryant. After the distraction of the Spanish American War, America experienced an eventual return to prosperity.



    -Theme: Citizens’ needs, values and beliefs can shape governmental policies and institutions. (Values, Beliefs, Economics, Political Ideas and Institutions)

    -Definition: The Populist Reform Party was founded by a coalition of western rural people to forward solutions to solve their economic problems.

    -Explanation: This is an example of a large-scale cooperative effort by a group within the modern industrial era to use the political process to advance its interests. The Populist Party wanted to reduce the amount of control that large industrialists and bankers had in government and over many aspects of the rural citizen's life. Many of their proposals became policies after being adopted by the Democrats.



    -Theme: Cultures change in reaction to major historical developments.

    -Definition: Silent Spring by Rachel Carson, published in 1962, awakened many people to the dangers that DDT and other pesticides posed to the environment and built an awareness of the concept of ecosystems.

    -Explanation: As a result of the publication of "Silent Spring", DDT use was banned in the U.S. Silent Spring focused attention on the dangers that technological advancements posed to the environment. People began to question the use of chemicals and their consequences.


    Health Issues

    -Theme: Development of natural resources and technological advances enables the United States to rise to the level of a world power; yet choices about resource management and technological application remain controversial.

    -Definition: Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome, AIDS is the final, fatal stage of an illness caused by the human immune-deficiency virus (HIV). By the year 2000, more than 200,000 Americans died of AIDS, and countless numbers of people had been infected with HIV worldwide. The infection is now endemic in the world.

    -Explanation: In the 1980's, many Americans ostracized HIV-infected individuals, including children. Activists and HIV-awareness education have lessened prejudice against those with the infection, which is not communicable in ordinary social situations. Issues of public health and the health care system have been highlighted because of the HIV and AIDS problem.


    U.S. Space Program

    -Theme: Technological and economic growth defines and promotes American culture and economic expansion within the United States and the global community.

    -Definition: Apollo 11 was the culmination of America's determination to be the first country to put a person on the moon.

    -Explanation: When the Soviets successfully launched Sputnik, President John Kennedy challenged American scientists to land a man on the moon by the end of the decade. This launched the United States into a space race and focused attention on the American public school system. The need for more courses in mathematics and science in K-12 schools was widely believed necessary for the United States to successfully compete with the Soviets and win the Cold War. Research and development in the race to the moon resulted in technological innovations now used worldwide.


    Multinational Corporations

    -Theme: Technological and economic growth defines and promotes American culture and economic expansion within the United States and the global community.

    -Definition: Corporations that span multiple national boundaries. These corporations have operations in a number of countries and so impact the governments and economies of these nations on a global scale.

    -Explanation: The role played by multi-national corporations in the future will have both positive and negative affects. Economic globalization is the engine driving the creation of global agreements and institutions such as the WTO. The areas of concern include the environment, agriculture, intellectual property rights, culture and investment. The world's corporate and political leadership is undertaking a restructuring of global politics and economics that may prove as historically significant as any event since the Industrial Revolution. Many people fear that this restructuring is happening at tremendous speed, with little public disclosure of the consequences affecting democracy, human welfare, local economies, and the natural world.


    Personal Computers and the Internet

    -Theme: Technological and economic growth defines and promotes American culture and economic expansion within the United States and the global community.

    -Definition: The personal computer is a device that enables individuals to access an increasingly broader and more complex volume of information, and communication delivered via the Internet.

    -Explanation: The introduction of affordable personal computers and Internet use quickly influenced American and international life and business. The massive number of computers in homes, businesses, schools, and governments in the US and internationally extended American ideas, ideals and influence. Americans with PCs are also influenced by International business, cultures and ideas they encounter on the web.

    Source(s): For more US History Social themes, access the website where the above information was provided by using this link:
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