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X Factor: Isn't Westlife's new single really good?

I must admit I wasn't expecting an awful lot, but I was hooked after the one chorus. I thought it was brilliant.

Whereas unfortunately I flicked over during Michael Buble's performance.

Also how did Miss Frank end up in the bottom 2? I can understand why Danyl did because hardly anyone likes him, but Miss Frank truly did their best performance last night...

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    Westlife seem to be the masters of making cover songs sound good, that was a great performance

    Ask the public for that one, not enough votes for them to safe them

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    Yeah i really liked it, not sure it was as good as the original though. Michael Buble's was okay i guess. I suppose you have to like his music or you're gonna hate it anyway.

    Miss Frank and Danyl in the bottom two was weird, but i can understand why both were. Miss Frank are good, but just not as good as a lot of the other acts, and Danyl comes across to too many people as cocky, whether he is or not.

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    The song is good, but they have only covered it. It isn't theres. But they performed well on X factor I thought, I was surprised.

    As for expecting Danyl to be bottom 2, HE IS FAVE TO WIN! So how can you say people don't like him ??

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    Ignore them idiots, saying all this crap about it being stolen. ALOT of people cover other peoples songs, and personally nobody and i mean NOBODY can beat westlife, & it's an amazing song, i love it too! :)

    And, i can't believe miss frank went either, i hate danyl so much!

    Joe too winnn :D

    i love john&edward too. :D

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    i thought id heard it before, i liked it, wasn't keen on all the flashing lights, had to cover my poor wee epileptic dogs eyes.

    i haven't seen westlife perform in ages, i stop listening and watching them years ago, but i was impressed, no miming!!

    and they are still not bad looking :)

    micheal boubles song wasn't that great, his singing as usual was great but i never liked the song.

    i cant understand the b2, im sorry to see miss frank go, i would have understood if they had been b2 last week, i guess people never like the rapping.

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    i totally agree with you i havnt liked alot of their songs but i liked the new one it was really catchy also i turned over on the michael bubles performance to lol not my cuppa tea!!,

    also i too loved miss frank and voted for them the show is satrting to become a joke

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    yes,its amazing!

    I love it,great live performance on x factor.going to listen to it now,have been singing it all day....

    I like some of bubles songs ,but not the one he did on x factor or his single out now.

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    Yes - because, once again, it's a cover of a good song! The original is better, of course.

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    Yeah I loved it, only because it's a cover of one of my favourite songs! It's originally by the Daughtry, check that version out to, because it doesn't seem Westlife are giving any credit to them for stealing their song. :)

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    It is rubbish and it gets to me that they can be so successful singing cover songs all the time.It is a joke although I guess the ten year olds that like their songs don't realise that they are singing someone else's songs.

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