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How many countries have never been to war,conflict or other acts of aggression?

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    There is probably not a single country of any substantial population and history that has never been involved in war in any shape or form. Even famously neutral Switzerland was involved in wars before the twentieth century. And while very young nations, such as those formed from the break-up of the Soviet Union, may not have been involved in wars in their new incarnations, there will be previous periods in history when they were also independent countries and did engage in war. Sparsely populated, relatively isolated and for long periods uninhabited lands are likely to have had fewest opportunities for war - such an example is Greenland, which has indeed never fought a war (though Denmark

    has had a military presence in the country).

    There are countries, such as Australia, which have been involved in war but never on their own soil. On the flip side of that, the only war Iceland has ever fought was a civil war on its own soil. Countries adopting an officially neutral policy today include Austria, Costa Rica, Republic of Ireland

    , Finland, Sweden and, of course, Switzerland.

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    The Democrats entered South Korea which replaced right into a tie and South Vietnam which replaced into dropped for an eventual loss of pastime. Even the former Yugoslavia conflict is relatively ongoing with foriegn troops required there to maintain the peace. meanwhile the Republicans ran correct by Grenada, Panama and the the fourth best militia interior the international (Iraq) in a count of days. The Democratic management has been lacking for some years and tend to wander like cats see you later term suggestions at the instant are not something they help.

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    Not quite your question but the only modern country Britain has never been at war with is Portugal

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      I don't know what your definition of a country is, since it is clear to you that countries for you, means only european countries. There's one country in Africa, called Botswana. It has never been to war in its history, and still remains the most peaceful and best governed country in Africa.

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    Humankind is aggressive by nature - man's natural instinct is to kill with a weapon.

    Aggression, conflict and war between people is inevitable.

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    you'd have to define 'country' and 'conflict/act of aggression' pretty narrowly to come up with any at all.

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    i dont think any? about every nation at one point has not only been at war but been a world power.

    the farthest back is probaly the vatican but it fought in the crusades so no nations

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