What is a SENCO worker? How do they support individual children?

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    Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators are often members of the management team who co-ordinate the Individual Educational Plans for children with Additional Needs. They work with the staff to set SMART targets for individual children ensuring the child is able to access the curriculum and achieve their full potential. They advise the staff and parents in ways to differentiate the curriculum to meet needs and/or manage behaviour. They role model best practice, create resources, maintain registers, support staff and parents and train others.

    Source(s): Nursery Senco
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    What is a SENCO worker? How do they support individual children?

    Source(s): senco worker support individual children: https://bitly.im/2Q085
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  • Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator, they support individual children by getting them assessed/statemented in order to best allocate resources and teaching methods to optimise learning.

    Source(s): Former Teaching Assistant
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    Most likely it'd be best to make calls to AL and find out their state laws and explain the situation before the situation occurs. In most states they may not send out the warrant over the court bit, but they can send out a warrant to as many states as they wish if he does not provide proof of employment / child support / providing medical insurance....saddly, in divorces, the father always looks like the 'bad guy' - Make phone calls to AL and try to see if you can get in touch with domestic relations department there. See if papers can be sent to him so he can fill them out to avoid any type of court crap. Also he does have some rights too. He can demand visitation rights. He can also look into a restraining order on his ex's mother for verbal harassment. It's between his ex and him. Her rights to butt in are no different than yours, but you are being helpful while she's being threatening. No one deserves that. But he really should make calls to AL to get in touch with their domestic relations department and be sure he gets paperwork mailed to him to avoid court, and he is entitled to know the information on her case worker, if her case worker is being pushy and giving impossible deadlines, he can file a complaint to AL on how her case worker is being unreasonable and uncooperative. But it'll look good on his part if he is making the honest moves on his own before being legally forced to court. Tell him it's not for his uncooperative ex, it's for his kid, and he should be doing it for his kids sake, no one elses.

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