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Im having trouble seeing why anyone (right or left wing) would think Ron Paul is Sane?

here are some quotes ive found

What if there's genocide and terrible suffering in a country?

It's a tragedy, and we can have a moral statement, but you can't use force of arms to invade other countries to make them better people.

So Hitlers whole kill all the jews thing was a tragedy, but we probably should have left it alone.

If North Korea invades South Korea, we should just leave it alone?


If China invaded Taiwan?

That's a border war, and they should deal with it.

The first Iraq war? Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait. He might have invaded the next country, and the next.

I bet Israel would have done something about it

So the general Ron Paul idea is that we should watch and sit idly by while tragedies occur, while countries slowly eliminate all the people we promised our allegiance to, allowing some of the most evil twisted human beings to come into more and more power. And also cut our own military spending, and everything will just be fine for us, because we can just turn our backs while the world falls apart, when we have the means to stop it, is it not true that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing?

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    If we are so great and humanitarian why do we not intervene in Sri Lanka or Sudan? Why does it seem we only intervene when the private corporate interests that own our congress and elected officials have money to make in the conflict!? I agree that tragedy needs to be prevented when it can but...

    Your view of interventionism is naive. At heart it would be nice if we really did intervene for the sake of humane conditions, but it is so far from the truth that it is insanity to believe it. Take the Saddam example, we gave him weapons and logistical support to invade Iran, we enabled him to use an iron fist to put down rebellions by Kurds and Shia, but then when he wanted to pay off his debts by taking over Kuwait (a historical part of Basra province) we suddenly said he is a bad guy dictator. When he was gassing Kurds we were silent but when he attacked our rich oil emirs we drew the line! Was that humanitarian of us when over 1 million Iranians died in the Iran-Iraq war we sponsored?

    As for the other examples, Korea was a united place before we and the Soviet Union carved it up against the peoples wishes. Taiwan is a Chinese matter or would you like to see China and India send a million troops to protect Texas if it wanted to succeed from the US? Finally, the morality of our intervention in WW2 is complete nonsense. How can a nation who still has segregation laws, a nation where a black GI could not sit in the same room with his white counterpart but a German POW could, be the moral nation!? We did not fight for the Holocaust, in Europe at least, we fought because it was good for business. That is the sad truth of the matter.

    As for the Churchill type comments, they are nothing but talking points. What good served destroying all of Europe to fight the Nazis taking Poland if we just gave it all away to Stalin in the end anyway! Besides, where was he and the Roosevelt to liberate the Indians of India or the aborigines in Australia, or any of the other colonial peoples taken advantage of!?

    Look into history...interventionism is hardlly ever for humanity. It is for power, control, and greed by those that already wield the most of it.

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    I remember those quotes...they're from the John Stossel interview, correct?

    I think he's perfectly sane. What, just because he adheres to the Constitution, he's insane? I know it's not a common thing to be a constitutionalist in today's modern society, unfortunately, but it's American as American gets.

    "is it not true that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing"

    True, but what we have done is obviously the wrong thing. How can you argue it's not?

    Ron Paul also brought up the point that we have ousted Saddam, but at the same time have borrowed $10's of billions from China to give Musharraf; a military dictator who overthrew an elected government. that an act you think is sane?

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    If "we have the means to stop it" then why is it still happening?? Notice how we only get involved when there is money to be made or resources to be secured. Human rights around the world are not our primary concern. Maintaining American hegemony is. Do you think this is fair?? To push around smaller countries and dictators for our own financial benefit??

    Is it possible, other countries around the world resent America thinking it's above all the rules??

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    Our wars and occupations are coming from mine and yours future just like the bailout and stimulus did. Don't you get it? It's not that hard to understand. We're OUT of money. EVERYTHING the government pays for is coming from either taxation or inflation. We spend $1 trillion dollars a year on foreign policy. That's devaluing the dollar as much as any other expenditure is. We can't afford to have perpetual war and military bases all over the world for the rest of time.

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    Ron Paul is probably the most sane person in DC, he's the only one there who understands what's really going on. the rest are just greedy puppets. I do not want to be the world police and I certainly don't want to pay for that.

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    I just love how people in this country delude themselves into believing that we have an altruistic foreign policy. We support oppressive dictators without regard for the numerous innocent civilians they exterminate. We regularly break international law to further our own interests. The only thing that surprises me is how easily we can have the foreign policies we do (in a nutshell, what makes us money is good) and keep the American public totally oblivious and even have them believing that America is the kindest nation on earth. That's unprecedented control of information, particularly when you consider the wealth of information available to anybody with internet access. They don't even bother controlling content, they just put everything in the right context.

    I'm not judging the system, I'm just pointing out the obvious.

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    JD, where in our Constitution does it state that the USA is the 'world cop"??? Do these words from Tom Jefferson ring a bell here. "...stay out of foreign entanglements..."???? How would you feel if China stated..."We must occupy America with Red Army Troops to save the American citizen from Constitutionally based liberties"???

    It is up to each SOVEREIGN nation to protect itself from foreign aggression, weather individually or with alliances with neighboring countries. If a country is allowed by it's citizens to be taken over by a despotic individual or government organization, they have no one but THEMSELVES to blame for the tragedies that will soon befall them.

    Source(s): "Liberty does not encompass security nor does security encompass Liberty, as the two ideologies are not mutually compatible within the realm of mankind".
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    I don't recall those quotes, and I don't think that's exactly accurate. Personally, Ron Paul is my choice for president as he's the only honest politician out there. He's a non-interventionist, but not in favor of ignoring the world and its tragedies. There's a time to intervene and a time to let things be. Vietnam and our current wars are wasted lives and money. I think you're reaching with this.

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    Dr. Paul is actually a brilliant man...His standpoint is one of force ebing used for defense only. He respects boarders, not globalism. Just because you personally do not agree with his view, doesnt make him insane. That sort of hysterical opinion sounds more like Hitler than Paul's does. Just sayin......

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    I respect Paul. I'd probably vote for him over another RINO. That said, I do have some serious problems with his foreign policy. It's a small world after all...

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