What company could I use for my final year project? My title is 'Examining the impact of social networking on'?

Examining the impact of social networking on......''a business.'' I have thought about Innocent Drinks and BBC radio, any ideas? thanks

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    1 decade ago
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    you could use a social networking site such as facebook.

    Facebook makes considerable revenue through advertising! ( free online gifts - polls, and site/panel advertising)

    you have no idea how much information there is - and the whole business revolves around social networking.

    There are even rumors that Microsoft will bid for Facebook ( and the figure is estimated to be in the billions)

    social networking is the heart of this business, people with more friends have been found to be "trend seekers" and have different characteristics to ppl with less friends.

    age groups used to be restrictive but now the fastest growing age group is the over 30's group....

    If your talking about social networking you really can't go past the online medium.

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    5 years ago

    There is plenty of information available on the net. It depends on what impact you're examining though. Social Media Marketing can cut advertising costs to almost zero. So traditional advertising is having to change. Smart advertising companies are using social media outlets of various types to bolster traditional campaigns. Hope this helps

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    There are any number of small companies that would benefit from help with social network marketing that would then form the basis for your project. Go to your local b2b or similar (organisations that offer free it help to SMEs

    Source(s): I am getting this help from a student at Warwick University for my own micro (but with aspirations) business.
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    Here is a new social networking site that you should definitely look into. It allows anyone (including businesses) to advertise, post affiliate links, etc. Unlike other social networking site, members can earn money by posting comments, uploading pics referring friends, and other common activities you usually do on a social network site. http://social.hellohello.net/index.php?page=join&r...

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