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Where can i buy a new gas meter box?

my gas meter box door looks really rough, its badly damaged, just from being so old i think! ive been told its my responsibilty to keep the box safe etc so do you know where i can buy either a new box or just the door? its the in-the-wall type box.


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    Hi Mia

    if you go to continental's site you can buy direct from them. they are the manufacturers of most UK meter boxes - gas and electric. they're very well priced too.


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    Meter Box Replacement Latch

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    Oh dear,

    I assume that it is those plastic boxes that they bung in outside, so the gas & electric can be metered without rummaging under the stairs.

    If so, then it is down to the builder if the property is less than 10 yrs old, under the rules that are in your deeds.

    Unless of course it is down to misuse or damage.

    Then it falls upon your home insurance.

    However, to avoid the annoyng paperwork, which may go on for months, I would just go to your local building supplier, buy a new one, and fit it. Wickes, B&Q etc will find one.

    It is only a screwdriver job, and then present a copy of the invoice to the insurance bods.

    Best of.

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    British gas will sell you a new meter box. It might be worth trying to shop around though because they are not renown for being the cheapest.

    Source(s): Had one, broke it, had to buy new one.
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    Check with your local gas company.

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    I would say "builder centre,s" or "plastic company,s" in your area.

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