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what is the maximum transmission voltage so far used in electricity system?

To reduce copper loss in a transmission line of electric system high voltage is used. but with the increase of voltage certain problems like corona loss increases. overcoming all the problems (so far known) what is the maximum voltage is used in the transmission of large electric energy in the world? Say for a line of 100KM , keeping the line conductor unchanged what will be the percent of power saving for same amount of power (say 10MW) with 33 KV, 132KV, 230KV, 415KV, 600KV instead of 11KV ? give me an example with an existing high voltage electric transmission line. I would be highly grateful if any one give me the correct answer

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    Highest transmission voltage (AC): 1.15 MV on Powerline Ekibastuz-Kokshetau (Kazakhstan)

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    Well, in Australia, the highest transmission voltage is 500kV. I seem to recall that somewhere in the US there are lines that run at 1MV DC.

    The big lines don't use copper. They are an aluminium conductor with a steel core.

    As for losses from current, it would be proportional to the voltage. I have never heard of corona losses being taken into account.

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    highest US transmission voltage I believe is just a bit under 1 million volts, some 900kV.

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