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invisable girl (me). Popular guy (him). I like him but it seems, Im just not there.?

I know that every girl like me has felt this. Being indivisble. Its common for most teenage girls, including myself. so I like this guy. Hes hot, popular, and flirts with all the girls in school. Although I normally stay away from the firty guys, I've fallen for his trick. Now sadly enough I like him, even though he doesn't even talk to me that much. We have a lot in common, but normally the conversation is interupped. Like one time we getting off a soccer field and he was blabbering on and on about his soccer training, which I found so very intresting. :I

So anyway, I istened but my mom was waving me over, so I completly forgot my manors, and ran over to my mom. Interruping the whole conversation. That got me off the right foot huh? Then I just don't have the guts to talk to him after that, so now I'm stuck between liking him and well, being anti social. sometimes I think he saw me staring at him, or maybe he was staring at me or some other girl. Either way, I dont think I have a chance.

The big upside of it all is, I see myself in him. He plays well soccer, trains at the same training camp, and sings like a pro. He also talks a lot, which I do to my friends so my the teachers sometimes give me detention for it all.

I know its a wanna be, but how do I make it a gonna be?


sorry for spelling mistakes, I kind of wanted to get it all out so, I typed a bit too fast. heheh. =]

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    You don't know that it's a "wanna be"-- you just *think* it is.

    That one event (forgetting your manners and running to your Mum) does not determine the whole friendship. If you like him, you should talk to him-- or else you'll be stuck pining for him, and that will just make you very sad.

    So go talk to him. There are great opportunities for a conversation, seeing as that you and he share so many interests.

    Don't always be there, because that's going to be very annoying. Guys like things and people that are not easy to get. Be friendly, but don't always be available. When you spend time with him, just be casual and natural-- do not pretend to be something that you are not.

    Don't expect anything, though, since he's quite the flirt. But love yourself enough: Make yourself truly the best you can be-- in school, in manners, in attitude, in looks. Do not frustrate yourself over this. Instead, enjoy every moment of polishing yourself. In the longrun, this will give you lasting benefits that you can carry to your professional life and in advanced age.

    Try not to be antisocial, because being antisocial confers weakness. An antisocial person always finds herself alone, because when people even try to make friends with an antisocial, they know at the back of their minds that they're the only friend that the antisocial has.

    If you are strong and independent and really like yourself, it will follow that people will like you. Do not make just one friend (or you will obsess about that friend). Be friendly with everyone, but *PICK WISELY* with regards to the people to whom you'll give your trust.

    It may even make him see that you're not one of those swooning girls that are easy and drop like flies every time he looks in their direction. Believe that you are the kind that becomes important and indispensable through time, because you respect yourself, and you love life.

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    Your in a pickle.

    Its better to have tried and failed then never to have tried at all.

    My advice to you is talk to him. Be flirty but never seem needy. Guys hate that and if by any chance you do get his number DO NOT call or text him for 3 days. It will make you look really good. When you talk to him again(which better be the next time you see him. lol) Just say something like... Hey sorry about the other day at soccer. I was really rude, but my Mom was calling for me and I had to go. The important part for you to do..Is don't be like all the other girls he flirts with. Be different it will drive him nuts. ;) good luck!

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    just get the guts and talk to him

    you said you guys we're in the same training camp?

    yeah well during a day where you're both training

    ask to train with him

    like warm up with him

    kick the soccer ball back and forth!

    it's what i did with my boyfriend at soccer camp;

    that way you guys can talk and improve soccer skills

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    Try and start a conversation with something to do with soccer, or something else that you are both interesting. Just because you may have left during a conversation, doesn't mean you are automatically off his radar.

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    well i think if the guy isnt a jerk like most popular kids are then you might have a fair shot if you have the courage to talk to him again. just because he is popular doesnt neccessarily mean he is going to ignore you. i dont mean to toot my own horn but i was one of the popular kids when i was in high school and i didnt care who i talked to. as long as they were good people.

    but just in case, you should just talk to him as friends more and get to know him a little better. you never know, he might end up being a jerk after all. but overall just have fun with it and dont rush into anything

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  • Teen crushes are so hard on the heart. Just be yourself...and keep talking to him. If you have a chance with him, he'll be attracted to you, too. If not, you'll at least get to enjoy his company a little. Hang in there. Kerrie Wheeler, LCPC

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    i dont know how old you are but these guys are the hurting kind. he seems like a player, i would try to get your mind off him. even if it seems fun and thrilling to 'get a hold' of him...he is definitely now one of those nice guys and you'll learn that as you get older. forget about him and find someone who will treat you right...or go for him, for all i know is nice

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    reminds me of the song invisible by taylor swift.

    if you havent heard it.

    listen to it.

    it helped me a lot when i was in your position.

    become his friend!

    and grow on from there.

    you cant expect things to work just like that.

    keep going.

    be patient.

    or else it wont be worth it.

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    i think you should still talk to him after that :] so keep talking to him until you kinda get to know each other more then ask him to hang out then when you think its the right time to ask him out then you should but never rush things

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  • 1 decade ago

    I'm sorry for joke post but "being indivisible" means you can't be divided which made me laugh pretty hard.

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