Can I still do the IB diploma?

I am interested in completing the IB diploma; however, I am already in precalculus as a sophomore, which is the first year of IB mathematics HL. Therefore, I would essentially be taking IB mathematics HL through my sophomore and junior years, taking the HL exam at the end of my junior year.

Is that allowed? If not, what can I do to still have a chance for the diploma?


Just again, keep in mind I'm a sophomore, and that's what may put the IB diploma in jeopardy. This probably wouldn't be a problem at all if I were a junior doing this.

Update 2:

(comment above not directed toward negoblle - he answered it)

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    I dont know about your high school, but at mine it is allowed (actually at mine it goes precalc to Ib math SL, no one is brave enough to even try HL lol). Exams are taken at the end of the year, and you spend your senior year doing calculus or Math Analysis or something.

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