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Too late to start ballet at 15?

I am 15 years old and I want to start taking classes on ballet. It's going to be my first time ever! I took tap dancing at the age of 4 and ice skating, but stopped since it wasn't much of my thing. I am a bit afraid of being the oldest in the class...since almost everyone starts young like at 8... Do you think it's a good time though?

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    Hi There. You are never too old to start ballet or any type of dance. I know professional dancers that didn't start until they were in their twenties. I started tap dancing in my twenties for a short while and then didn't get back into it until my 40's. My suggestion would be to take more than one class per week and that should help you improve quite quickly. The fact that you have some dance experience will help. I'm sure you'll be great. Talk to the owner of the studio and find a good class for your age and ability so you will be comfortable. Good luck. You will love it. For more info on dance, go to and click on the dance section

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    It's definitely not too late to start ballet!

    If you want to do it as a hobby,that's great and fine!

    If you want to go professional? You'll need to dance daily,and it's going to be hard to work up to the standard that the 15 years old around you. At this age,people would be preparing to go professional and audition for a company.

    You could do ballet,and work your way up to pointe,but not go professional. That's what I'm going to do. I just recently went back to ballet last year(did it when I was 7)and want to work up my way up to pointe,but I don't want to be a 'professional ballerina' as it'll be super hard and it's VERY hard to become a professional.

    But either way,hobby or professional, at this age, a lot of 15 year olds will be in an advance level,so don't take it personally,but there are going to be people around your age who are more advanced than you. So,you have to work really hard to learn all the basics,and ballet isn't all about pirouettes and stuff. Ballet requires a lot of strength, flexibility, gracefulness and technique!

    ALSO stretch everyday!

    Oh and about "do you think it's a good time?"well,the older you get,the more you won't be able to really do it. I mean like,your bones,if you know what I'm talking about?Well I know a lot of people who started at 15 and became a professional 'like Vanessa Sah in the Anaheim ballet! She only started in college!

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    of course, it's never too late for anything, as others have already suggested. if it's something you want to do and feel like could be a good experience for you, then go for it, never deny yourself anything because you feel others will look down on you. dancing is so much fun and can make you feel incredibly free. ballet (my favorite, kudos for selecting that, btw) is an especially beautiful and expressive form of dance and a skill that you can look back on and cherish forever.

    HOWEVER, most people do start very young, i began dancing at 2...and although this is rarely an indication of how good the dancer is (more often it is the studio they went to, level of talent, and commitment), the way ballet works it is very hard to break into as an adult. you are still young and can do this for years still, so don't worry about that, but it will be harder for you and you probably won't get into the higher levels even by the time high school is over (depending on the studio you select), so if you are planning on being in performances of any kind, keep this in may very well be subjected to feeling foolish among much younger girls for awhile. not that this means you shouldn't go for it, but keep that in mind.

    also, since your body is probably developed already, your muscles might not be used to this kind of movement so be CAREFUL. when stretching do not let your teacher push you down further than you can go without hurting yourself because it could cause you serious injury. and don't be convinced to go on pointe until your feet are strong enough, even if you are old enough.

    finally, don't expect to be awesome at it right away, it takes lots of time and the girls in the upper levels will have been taking dance for upwards of 10-15 years already. if you are very competetive, this is something to think about, but it sounds like you're not. just don't feel embarrased. power to you for taking this initiative.

    i hope you do decide to do it, because it's a life-changing experience if you get into it. keep your movements soft and really commit to it and you'll get where i'm coming from when i say you'll feel like you can fly. or like you're a princess :)

    good luck!!!!!

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    You will probably be the oldest in your class. But because you are older, you will pick up the technique and style of ballet much quicker than all of the younger kids. You will probably be moved up to a higher level faster than they will. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself. Just try the classes to see if you like them. It is a great form of exercise and a lot of fun too.

    Hope this helped!!!

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    Sure you can become good, but contrary to what some of the other posters have said, you've about a zero chance of becoming good enough to become a professional ballerina (if that was your goal). Remember, that you get out of something as much as you put in....have some fun and Good Luck

  • Don't listen to any one who says if your in your teens your to late to start! Any age is perfect! I started at age 15 and now at 20 I dance with Huston ballet in Texas. As long as your heat is in it you can do amazing things!

    Good luck hun!

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    its never too late to start! who cares if you're the oldest in the class? it might be weird, but then you have better chances of being the best in the class. lol :) you should do it. life is too short not to :)

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    it's never to late to do anything, life is too short to not even try something :)

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