I've left rice in a pot that's gone mouldy on cooker, is it a danger to other food on surfaces nearby cooker?

the lid was on (not sure if secure) but i took it off to throw the rice away and noticed. I have a bottle of high juice for example about a foot away from where the pot was (lid on) and some other foods nearby (but futher away), are they safe to eat/use? or have the mould spores contaminated them?


I am a student :), but have been away since wednesday, got bk yday, and forgot to empty the pot before i left. And no the rest of the stuff is fine/doesn't expire quickly/in containers, and kitchen fairly tidy/clean, however i have wiped all the surfaces with dettol since seeing that.

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    It's fine, don't worry about it too much. Just clean up the mess and move on

  • Ok, firstly... don't leave things to go mouldy, you lazy student (probably!), and secondly the juice will have preservatives in it to protect it from such things as natural mould spores and lazy students.

    What are these other foods you speak of? Nothing will have been contaminated by the mouldy rice but if you've allowed this to happen then who knows how long the other stuff's been there!?

    Sort yourself out, you lazy student, you! ;o)


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    If the lid was on the pot i don't believe the mold could have affected nearby containers if they were also close. maybe rinse them off just to be sure.

  • Ashtol
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    1 decade ago

    Gross!!! It shouldn't affect other things unless you spun it around the room.

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