Giving antibiotics to a 16 month old, help!?

My 16 months old has impetigo and has been given oral antibiotics. The first one, flucloxacillin, made him vomit as soon as he had taken it. He was then given clarythromycin which has the same effect. I know it is important for him to take these medicines but would love some advice on how to get him to keep them down. Have tried giving them off a spoon and squirting them from a syringe but no joy. Any docs or medical people out there, are there any other antibiotics or remedies we can try that maybe taste a bit better!?!?!?! He also has bactroban cream which I am applying three times a day with no problems.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I know nothing about these medicines so I would call and ask your doctor this first but I know when my daughter has been on Amoxicillan, they told me I could put it straight into her bottle or sippy cup with her milk. Of course your child would have to drink it all in a certain time frame.

    Again though, I do not know if you are able to do this with these medications or not. Just a suggestion.

  • 1 decade ago

    Add it to his applesauce that was my mother's favorite trick just mix it in and feed it to him or in pudding or something he really likes!!

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