Laptop Fan Stopped working?

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For some reason my fan in my laptop has stopped working, is their any way I can start the drivers again, i.e, going into my laptop control panel?

Any help would be appreciated alot!
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Fans not working are normally mechanical breakdowns and nothing to do with drivers or software - it's important you get it fixed as initially your laptop will overheat and everything will slow down or even stop but it can actually catch fire as they can get very hot internally. For the future, never use a laptop on a soft surface where it blocks the cooling vents which are normally underneath - it gives the fan a hard time and makes the laptop generally less efficient. Always use it on a board, tray, table etc.
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  • MikkaGT answered 5 years ago
    If it stopped working it probably broke down.
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  • hornchurchmale answered 5 years ago
    this is unusual and may not be a driver problem but simply a failed fan?
    ideally get it checked out after reloading drivers etc a fan should not be to difficult to replace and may in fact be best way forward if you have trouble getting software checked out.
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