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Pick any two players for your team?

I hosted a hockey draft a couple of weeks ago and we had a discussion prior to beginning on what players we would like to add to our favourite team that were NOT top players, then we discussed what qualifies as a "top player" and for the purposes of this question, it is anyone NOT on LITY's end of season top 50-

1. Sidney Crosby - Pittsburgh (26)

2. Jarome Iginla - Calgary (2)

3. Alexander Ovechkin - Washington (2)

4. Nicklas Lidstrom - Detroit

5. Evgeni Malkin - Pittsburgh

6. Martin Brodeur - New Jersey

7. Pavel Datsyuk - Detroit

8. Scott Niedermayer - New Jersey

9. Joseph Thornton - San Jose

10. Jaromir Jagr - Omsk Avangard (KHL)

11. Dany Heatley - Ottawa

12. Marian Gaborik - Minnesota

13. Ilya Kovalchuk - Atlanta

14. Zdeno Chara - Boston

15. Roberto Luongo - Vancouver

16. Marian Hossa - Detroit

17. Marc Savard - Boston

18. Alexander Semin - Washington

19. Vincent Lecavalier - Tampa Bay

20. Ryan Getzlaf - Anaheim

21. Christopher Pronger - Anaheim

22. Jason Spezza - Ottawa

23. Michael Richards - Philadelphia

24. Martin St. Louis - Tampa Bay

25. Michael Green - Washington

26. Henrik Zetterberg - Detroit

27. Richard Nash - Columbus

28. Zachary Parise - New Jersey

29. Alexei Kovalev - Montreal

30. Martin Havlat - Chicago

31. Daniel Sedin - Vancouver

32. Dion Phaneuf - Calgary

33. Henrik Sedin - Vancouver

34. Jeffrey Carter - Philadelphia

35. Corey Perry - Anaheim

36. Nicklas Backstrom - Washington

37. Eric Staal - Carolina

38. Paul Stastny - Colorado

39. Simon Gagne - Philadelphia

40. Patrik Elias - New Jersey

41. Andrei Markov - Montreal

42. Shane Doan - Phoenix

43. Daniel Alfredsson - Ottawa

44. Michael Ribeiro - Dallas

45. Henrik Lundqvist - NY Rangers

46. Paul Kariya - St. Louis

47. Jonathan Toews - Chicago

48. Alexander Frolov - Los Angeles

49. Patrick Marleau - San Jose

50. Ales Hemsky - Edmonton

So, not including these players.......what two players would you want as part of your favourite team?

Kind of a change-up from the "Which top player would you want?"

The most interesting choice from our discussion? A friend who is a fan of the Detroit Red Wings said he would take Steve Mason and Milan Lucic (made PERFECT sense I thought-the best young goalie who is already a gamer and a tough guy with skill)- the interesting part? Detroit's first two picks in 2006 were 41st overall (Cory Emmerton) and 47th overall (Shawn Matthias) and LUCIC went 50th and Mason went 69th.

Who are your two?

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    Had to do a do over. Didn't grasp the meaning the first time through.

    Doughty from LA

    Mason from Columbus

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    Since i'm still scarred from the 50 million postseason losses that the Sharks have suffered from a lack of leadership, the first player i would want is Rod Brind'Amour. Yes, i realize he's almost hitting 40 years old, but the guy has been there and done that with the Canes in winning the Cup. He demands respect and it's an added bonus he'll chip in 40-60 points every season.

    The second player i'd add would be Duncan Keith of the Hawks. The Sharks defense could use a guy like Keith with his offensive prowness, defensive awareness, and physical play altogether. He's also played no fewer than 77 games in his 4 plus seasons thus far showing his ironman qualities in a very important position. The guy is tough and solid on both ends and would definitely upgrade the San Jose defense core to one of the better ones in the league.

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    I'm agreed my favorite team is in need of a goalie of the future, but I am not sold on Mason being as good outside of Columbus and Hitchcock's system. I reference Backstrom in Minnesota.

    I also got to laugh when I see Philly fans wanting a Sabres player, didn't last two teach you anything.

    I will take Bobby Ryan and Versteeg. Both are young. Versteeg has impressed me with his two way play, and I think with some solid mentoring his discipline issues will be under control. Ryan should have won Calder last year.

    Thank You

    Source(s): To bad yahoo doesnt have a stupidity award... Wow got to wonder if some people can read.
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    I would want young guys who could develop into franchise players. I would base my team on defense and physical play, as well as an offensive upside.

    The first defenseman that comes to mind is Drew Doughty. Close to 24 minutes a game last year as a rookie, playing against the league's best players and holding his own. 27 points isn't bad for a rookie d-man either.

    One of the best all-around young forwards today is Kris Versteeg. He plays on the powerplay and penalty kill. He racks up points. He is defensively responsible (+15 as a rookie). He does it all. And he's only 23

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    I assume we're talking on fantasy team, not real team, right?

    Thomas Vanek. He'll put up 50 one year. Until then he's still a 40 goal kinda guy.

    Mikael Samuellson. The guy will get you tons of SOG. And some PIMs. Every once in a while he'll get you goals too.

    If it's the real team, I'll take Thomas Vanek and Patrick Kane.

    Actually for fantasy replace Samuellson with Kane, too.

  • Tukka Rask;Portland Pirates keeper, he has a flare attitude that reminds me of the 33 Roy. Rask shutout the Devils for his only game debut in the NHL last year.

    Duchene, I went to the Isles draft party, joshing bringing a torch saying if the Duche gets picked #1, I'm ready for the riot to begin.

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    Dustin Penner (7 points in 6 games, a big player and has finally dropped the weight to make him more agile) and Sheldon Souray (2nd in the league last year for goals by a d-man, one of the most underrated tough guys in the league, just ask Beech(sp?) from Dallas.

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    Easy question for me! Fleury and Gonchar are after Crosby and Malkin the best players in Pittsburgh! Goligoski, Staal and Guerin are also good but not like Fleury and Gonchar!

    Edit: Sorry I didn't read the question properly.

    I would love to have Loui Eriksson on my team and give me Victor Hedman too and I'm fully satisfied! And no I didn't pick them just because I'm a swede myself!

    Edit: Wait a minute Patrick Kane is not on that list!! I'm starting to question LITY's ability to rank players. I chose Eriksson and Patrick Kane!

    Source(s): I'm actually a little surprised Fleury wasn't on that list. He did after all play outstanding last year!
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    As for right this moment.....I would pick Anze Kopitar and Matt Carle. They are hot right now. As for just in general this season, I will need to think about this.

    Okay. Here are my top two (or #51 & #52) for the entire season:

    Brain Rafalski. He has always been a pretty solid D-man with a good +/-.

    Get other pick would be Kipper.

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    I'll go with Bryan Little, agreeing with San, and Vaclav Prospal, who has had a great start to this season (+5 in 7 games), and he's a pretty consistent player.

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