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Does a photon (energy) beam return to a physical state (matter)?



Appart from Photosynthesis, how or where does a photon end up? Does it become matter? I know that som energy would be lost through heat and heat but where does this heat go?

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    In general, photons disappear by being absorbed by solid or liquid objects, the energy being dissipated amongst the various degrees of freedom of the material concerned, that is, each photon absorbed warms the object imperceptibly. For a very few materials, the photon energy may be sufficient to excite an electron sufficiently that, if it is close to the material surface, it may be emitted as a free electron. This constitutes the photelectric effect, with the kinetic energy of the electron representing the residual photon energy after overcoming the potential field of the material at the surface.

    But no, there is no process for photons as conventionally defined to turn into material particles, essentially because the energy required is far too high (E = mc² and all that). Absorbed photons are degraded into thermal energy in the absorbing material.

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