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Are Liberals the best thing to ever happen to Sarah Palin and her family?

Liberals in the media went on the attack and made her famous with the constant coverage of her every move. Now, months later, she has written a book and it is already on the best seller list prior to its release. The signing bonus for the book is rumored at between $7 and $10 million dollars and she is also earning 6 figures for her speaking engagements.

Are Liberals the best thing to ever happen to Sarah Palin and her family?


I see your point Anthony, but is that really a good thing? Are you saying they were voting against Sarah Palin, or were they voting for Obama?

Update 2:

Are there any liberals out there who are going to sneak into the library and sign out a copy out of curiosity?

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    She is famous because the Republicans, for whatever ridiculous reasons, chose her to be McCain's running mate. As it turns out she is so ignorant and so extreme that she has naturally received much more attention than a relatively intelligent and rational politician in her position would have received.

    Conservative groups will of course buy her book and push up the sales but her infamy also helps sales a great deal.

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    i do no longer see the place it somewhat is everybody's enterprise what her daughter does along with her toddler at first. She's no longer the 1st 17 365 days previous to grow to be pregnant ever in historic past and it shows this youthful woman desires to take on the duty she created. only because of the fact Britney Spears did no longer make an extremely sturdy mom does no longer advise all infants can't look after motherhood, that's a stunning element in existence. My grandmother gave start to my Dad at 13! She had 7 infants altogether and became a impressive mom. i'm happy Bristol did no longer abort her toddler, yet while she had, OMG, all and sundry might even have an issue now does no longer they? Sarah Palin is professional-existence only like McCain, and why might we would like somebody in workplace that became against human lifeform besides??

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    I read books on all sides, by all kinds, whats left out of some, and spun by some makes history the only true determinant of what policies work.

    Liberals are the best thing that happened to Palin, she was a focus for them to see how disinterested the leadership of the Republican party was in broadening their appeal, and how conciliatory they were to the fringe of their party. It didn't work, and now wiser heads are distancing themselves from the far right element, even as those in the far right make more noise. But the leadership will not be giving money to the fringe people in the next election, they don't want more losses.

    Many of those books are being bought by right wing churches and organizations for resale, and reading a book, doesn't imply approval of policy. People really aren't indoctrinated as simply as a book or a song. Unless they have a very low level of critical thinking.

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    It works both ways. We really enjoyed the entertainment she brought to the race.

    I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in a Presidential race-Her clear inept was hilarious, and yet she didn't have a clue how silly she sounded everytime she opened her mouth!

    We knew Obama was a clear shoe in!

    We made the right choice. Look at her once again odd behavior? "Quiting" her job as a Governor JUST to make the big bucks? She has no interest in this country- Only herself.

    We don't care how much money she makes just keep "Lucy" away from the red Phone!!!!!!!


    Her book is going well, that was to be expected though, but her requests for "Personal appearances" to talk to groups of intelligent men about serious stuff are ZIP!!!

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    She did not write any book a ghost writer, wrote the book and she claims it as her book.

    She is in no way smart enough to write a book even about her favorite subject the Alaskan Governor that ran out on the people.


    She is the one person who is most responsible for getting President of the United States Barrack Obama elected.

    Isn't life funny. roflmao

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    It's possible. I really don't care how much money she makes as long as she's safely out of elected office.

    As for the book, I wouldn't buy it new but I'd consider getting it from the library or getting a used copy. I read books from both sides all the time.

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    She is not famous in an Intelligent way. She is famous in a talking puppet way with nonsense coming out of her mouth. I gave her a pass through the election process but now after her "Death Panels" comment, i agree with the majority that she is a joke. She should have stayed down on the farm.

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    I would think that Sarah Palin and her family are the greatest thing to happen to liberals. Once McCain announced she would be the vice presidential nominee it was guaranteed that Obama would win.

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    The Jewish Sanhedrin and Satan saw the crucifixion of Christ as a win for them, when in reality it was a crushing blow to them and the greatest success and achievement in all of human history for God and mankind. God bless.

    Romans 8:28

    28 And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

    Isaiah 55:8

    8 “ For My thoughts are not your thoughts,

    Nor are your ways My ways,” says the LORD.

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    Bozo the Clown is famous also.

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