Does anyone else think that it would be in the NHL's best interest to not place a team in Las Vegas?

I mean, really. A lot of players could get into financial trouble, fights, and all kinds of terrible stuff in Sin City. I understand that the first thing a team needs is corporate sponsorship, but what kind of company is going to sponsor a team? Playboy? Does anybody else think that it would be better to put a team in a place like Seattle than to put one in Las Vegas?


Laying Low- You give me all of these fantastic statistics, thinking that they're going to make me change my mind around or make me crawl into a hole. Well, they're not. If your city has an unemployment rate second only to DETROIT'S, an NHL team has no business being there. Also, Las Vegas has a TON of crime problems. You can whine all you want about how Detroit has high crime rates too, but that team's not going anywhere.

And you don't have any right to call me a bandwagoner. Do you have YOUR head in the ground that deep to think that every Penguins fan is a bandwagoner? My family's been following the Pens ever since the NHL expanded to Pittsburgh in 1967.

I hope that the NHL never does move to Las Vegas, just for your sake. Maybe then you'll learn your lesson.

Update 2:

Can you barely read? I mentioned unemployment above, and I know that you didn't include crime rates in your little rant. So you can end your moot point of an argument now.

And you think that I'm unintelligent, huh? Again, trying to take a stab at me when you don't know a thing about me. I got a full academic scholarship to the University of Pittsburgh, and I was accepted to 2 Ivy League schools.

Update 3:

Moose- Where did I ever say that Detroit doesn't deserve to have a team? Where did I ever say that ANY city doesn't deserve to have a team? Sure Vegas isn't the best place on earth to have a team, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't deserve one as much as any other city that doesn't.

And for those who are saying that I'm lying about being accepted into 2 Ivy League schools, well, you can go on believing that. I can't change the minds of people who won't accept reality.

Update 4:

Erica- No, no, no. I said that it would be best for the NHL not to have a team there, not that they didn't deserve it. If I didn't think that they didn't deserve one, I would come right out and say it.

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    I've never supported the idea of a team in Las Vegas because there are several others that I think should be in the league before Sin City.

    Players are going to get in trouble everywhere, but Vegas would seem to be a place more likely to find it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I realize this is long, but I hope some of your take the time to read it. I have lived in Las Vegas since 1993, moved from Queens NY. First, prostitution is not legal in Clark County, where LV is located. Yes, there are illegal ones, just like every other city. Next, yes, we have gangs, but no different than NY, Chicago, Boston, Philly, LA, Detroit, etc.Those cities have hockey teams, BTW. Those 400-500 arrests from the NBA all-star weekend were those who came in from out-of- town, specifically to cause trouble. The NBA didn't provide any tickets for locals here to purchase, not that I would have anyway. True hockey fans are smarter than that. The Arena Football team sucked with an out-of-state owner who didn't give a crap. and the team is moving to Cleveland next season.(What an improvement!) As far as an NHL team, I don't think it will happen. We already have an ECHL team, the Wranglers (an affiliate of the Calgary Flames and Quad City Flames of the AHL). It does well, on the ice and financially. It even cares about the kids, by scheduling a 9:30 am game called"School Field Trip Day" and giving away backpacks to the students.The fan base is locals(as opposed to tourists, or F..stupid visitors), so most of the teams income would NOT be from tourists. I rarely venture near the Strip, unless an friend comes in for a visit or to see the Wranglers at The Orleans Arena, which can hold about 7,700 hockey fans. It is a separate world for locals and tourists. The casinos wouldn't mind losing the hockey betting, as they don't derive much from it. Many people who have moved here come from CA, and have brought their hockey interest with them.The annual pre-season game between the Kings and the Rockies is always a sell-out. Part of the problem is the transient nature of the population. 4-5 thousand move here every month, but 2-3 thousand leave, especially since the housing market slump has hit here harder than most. Our hispanic population is growing (not a knock) and most, not all, don't bring much hockey knowledge. Las Vegas is actually part of the Kings territory(not sure about Anaheim), so I guess any team that comes here would have to pay a "territorial rights fee" to the Kings, similiar to what the Islanders had to pay the Rangers back in 1972 (it was 4 million back then).

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    Interesting idea which I hadn't considered. I don't think a lot of players would get in trouble but maybe a couple more than on any other team. Although it's true there are temptations in others cities I don't think you can deny they're much more accessible and up front in Las Vegas especially if you have the money. I wouldn't use that as a rationale to have or not have a team though. After all hockey and sports is entertainment at its core and they love their entertainment there.

    I wonder if Vancouver would allow a team in Seattle or Chicago would allow a team in Milwaukee...

    Good info Light, I was curious about the Wranglers history but was too lazy to check. The dynamics are a little different with AHL teams though where travel takes away from the time spent in their home cities. Those few players bent towards trouble will have an easier time of it in Vegas I feel.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Yeah.....sure. They SHOULD HAVE a team. They've always been a " hockey town". They could call themselves the HOODS or the PUNKS....the Thugs. At the start of every game, the Las Vegas Captain could make an offer to the opposing offer he couldn't refuse. When the opposition came into their dressing room after a game, they found a dead horse on the Trainer's table. Anyway, this would be far preferable to the FOOL, Don Cherry, who also could be taken " for a drive"

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  • 1 decade ago

    Thelau, remember I can be anyone I want to be online too. She makes claims of being smart, but there is no supporting evidence. Composition skills average, critical thinking skills are elementary, and overall pleasure to be around equals a home school child that never has dealt with differing ideas and confrontation among peers, and I am using that very very loosely.

    However this is a free website and anyone is allowed to post bs. A bone to chew on, which of this troubles that you have listed are unattainable in any NHL city. Gambling is highly accessible online, rather if it is placing bets on a game or playing hold'em. Alcohol is everywhere, even the most sheltered of people can buy pot with ease and harder drug are not far behind. I believe Buffalo is a good example of players finding trouble with drinking and fighting. Pittsburgh had issue with violence on a college campus, and a hospital with metal detector due to all the violence. In fact every reason you have listed against Vegas applies to Pittsburgh, maybe in a higher degree. Mario better start packing, an NHL team needs a safer more wholesome location.

    How often do you have to be proven wrong before you learn to just sit back and learn. Deleting questions and blocking people does not make you any less wrong, and really just points out a blissful ignorance. Be glad that society in general supports people like you.

    Oh and it is more of Homer then Bandwagon then, just another unitellegent homer, seen them here for years. I can name a few that decided to step back and learn, but most fade away due to lack of acceptance.

    Oh, who here has been to Seattle. I have and know of a few others that have. You will find there is very very little interest in hockey. Atlanta has more interest then Seattle.

    Source(s): Traveler with time spent in Pittsburgh along with other major cities. Not an Ivy Leaguer
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    For a league that got it's knickers in a knot when one of their assistant coaches was involved in a super bowl betting scheme, how would they react when legalized betting on hockey is taking place in the lobby of the arena.

    If you don't think that will happen then you haven't been to Vegas. Batman will have many sleepless nights when the Lightning are scheduled to play in Vegas. But I guess hypocrisy never bothered him before why should it now.

  • 1 decade ago

    So Erin, are you saying that because Detroit is in real tough economic times, has a HIGH crime rate, and has the worst unemployment in the country, they can't have a hockey team?

    Uhm... hellooooooo, do you remember who's team's bandwagon you're on faced the last two years? Or did you just become a fan when they made the Cup Finals last year...

    Detroit is talking about getting a new arena, and if Detroit can do it, I don't see why Las Vegas cant'.

    Plus, if someone who's lived in Vegas and has as much hockey knowledge as Mr. Laying Low, than I will definitely not question his argument.

    EDIT: Saying that Las Vegas has the second worst crime rate in the country to DETROIT so thats a reason Vegas shouldn't have a team, is like saying that Detroit shouldn't have a team, is it not? Jeeze, I love oxy-morons. Anyway, I got school (suggest you go to) tomorrow, so I'm gonna get some sleep. Don't think you got your nap in today.

  • Big D
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    1 decade ago

    Let's just say that Vegas might not be the best place for hockey. I mean the city is loaded with hotels and entertainment shows and restaurants. At this point Vegas probably cannot fit any stadiums or arenas for pro sports. Vegas just isn't the right place because they use the city for sports betting. I agree with your point on establishing a Seattle hockey team. I think the city has the money to invest on a hockey team and it makes sense too because Seattle is just below the Canadian border so the climate is good for hockey in the winter.

  • 1 decade ago

    I don't think it's a great idea to place a team in Vegas...Vegas just has so much more and they really don't need an NHL team. They need to put on in a not so upbeat city.

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