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Whatever happened to the BNP's gay porn producer Richard Barnbrook?

Richard Barnbrook BNP Councillor directed and produced a film, titled HMS Discovery, in 1989, which the Daily Mirror dubbed "gay porn", but which Barnbrook said was an art film. I hear he was working on a gangbang epic entitled:

*** Batty 18


Com Batty 18

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    Last I heard he was throwing some very suspect shapes on the dancefloor


  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    media and politicians collaborate to make the bnp look bad, it doesn't mean that the bnp actually are bad. They do not want to give a public platform to the bnp or debate with them because they know full well that all those people who think the bnp are nazis and have no policies would be very suprised and see that the bnp are in fact respectable and moving in the right direction, fighting for the right causes. Basically the people denying the bnp their rights and their voices are terrified of losing the argument and they're terrified that people will listen to the bnp , and hear the truth. I vote bnp. sure, there are things that i may not necessarily agree with, but on the whole - their policies reflect my views and concerns and i believe the changes they will make are right for the country. the party as a whole is unbelievably well organised (even though it recieves no public funding- unlike other parties), they have very solid policies which are in no way just simple fixes to big problems and if everyone just found out a bit more about the bnp instead of just accepting what they read in the papers or believing rumours they may hear - then maybe people would realise that: although the bnp isn't perfect , they are by far the best bet to save this country and eventually restore it to what it once was..VOTE BNP

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    Richard Barnbrook

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  • 1 decade ago

    HAHAHAH that dancing.... Following Bob Fossils moves I see. Loving the Chicken Wing dance.

  • I went to Art College, so I understand these things. :p

    BNP Gay Porn? Somehow I can see that sitting in the S&M section.

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe he is a Greater London Assembly member. At least he can't be labelled as homophobic then.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    get all the latest woffle and lines from the above linkishenderumbervolten.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Disappeared up his own arsehole, or was it Nick's? When there's a bunch of arseholes together its hard to tell which is which.

    Source(s): Richard Barnbrook, Greater London Assembley Member, GLAM for short, appropriate?
  • that video of the dance was amazing. i have not laughed so much as that for days.

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