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does sticky toffee pudding need dates?

I am making a sticky toffee pudding and all the recipes i have seen call for dates. No-one in my family likes dates so are they essential? can i leave them out or would it spoil the recipe. This is for a very important exam and i don't have a chance to try the recipe twice. can anybody give me advice on this? Thank you

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    Hi , If it is for an exam then you must add the dates as this is what the examiners would expect. What they need to know is that you can follow directions (the recipe) and also do the practical part - actually make the pudding. When you make it for your personall consumption then you can add what you like and nobody can question you. I would give it a taste even with the dates in, because when they are cooked they change their consistency and you might be pleasantly surprised as they will be different than if you had just eaten them from the packet. I hope this helps, all the best and good luck with your exam!

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    The original recipe has dates in it (from the Sharrow Bay Hotel) and the now definitive version (Cartmel Village Shop) both have dates in it - (both from my native Cumbria I might add!!) they provide the "treacley" texture and flavour. It really won't work without it. So if your family likes sticky toffee pudding then they probably won't like one without them. Trust me they provide the X factor

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    i would say, if it's for an exam, don't just leave them out but replace them with something that everyone likes - such as sultanas or raisins (soak them in warm water first to let them plump up and get juicy).

    simply leaving out because people don't like isn't that impressive.

    cranberries are another option i would say - and you could call it 'sticky toffee red pudding' and score extra points for developing your own desert.

    good luck

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    You can leave the dates out if you wanted but then it would be no more than suet pudding with treacle.

    No more so than Spotted Dîck with no sultanas!

    After all you wouldn't serve up Roast Beef without Yorkshire Pud and Horse Radish would you, or would you?

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    If it's for an exam, leave the dates in.

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