Why Does Check Disk Keep Running On Start-Up On Windows Xp ? Read details for more info?

First it starts-up, goes into chkdsk and says "windows needs to check the disk for consistency etc.." i let it run and when it finishes it restarts, then the start-up options screen comes up. when i select "start windows normally" it begins this whole cycle again, UNTIL i choose "Last Known Configuration That Worked" from the start-up Options screen, that's the only way i can get to the My desktop. Please help, i Have Sp3. Ran an anti-virus scan (result> clean) & De-fragmented the Drive. thanks

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  • Nama
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    1 decade ago
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    You need to check your harddisk for errors once again but not automatically. Try this:

    Goto Run (Winkey+r)

    type CMD (hit enter)

    In command prompt type CHKDSK/F C: (Where C: is the name of drive you want to check for errors)

    If it asks for any input like Y, do so.

    Follow the instructions on screen and restart if necessary.

    After doing all this you'll get rid of check disk at startup.

    I hope this will solve your problem.

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  • Hayley
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    1 decade ago

    There are inconsistencies with the files that the system is detecting. The files are showing up as corrupt or fragments of files are showing up. That's my guess as to why it's launching chkdsk. Could be anything from a bad HD to dead or dying RAM DIMMs.

    Download this free utility, Memtest86+ and run it. Choose the version that works for you (either CD ISO, floppy disk, USB key, etc).

    If the utility detects bad memory, more than likely you will need to replace the defective part. Otherwise, the rest of your data can be compromised.

    EDIT: Also, check the hard drive for errors as well. Open up My Computer, right-click on your C drive and go to Properties. In Tools, choose Check Now for Error-Checking.

  • RichB
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    1 decade ago

    I suggest you run memtest86+ as the other answer states. It's a free download that you can run off of a bootable CD, and it checks the integrity of your RAM.

    If it all checks out OK, I suggest you boot from your Windows XP installation CD, press R to log in to the Recovery Console when you're prompted to do so, and then type:

    chkdsk /p

    Chkdsk may take a while to do its thing. If, after it's finished, you still can't boot into Windows, I suggest you do a repair install of the operating system (google "Repair Install").

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    R has pretty much given you the best answer, can I just add this. It could be your hard drive dying as they have already said. First and urgently,make a backup of any music, data, all imortant stuff off that drive. You can use a USB key, USB hard drive, CDs or whatever but do it. Reinstalling Windows may solve it, the dive may last for years yet. Not important, if you have a backup it does not matter but if it goes belly up and you have no backup !!!!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Ouch. That's pretty hard to do even on purpose! Alright well you'll need your setup CD. Unfortunately PC's don't ship with the OS CD anymore, so you'll have to go to your retailer and ask for it! That's the only way i know how to anyway!

  • 1 decade ago

    it could be anything causing this problem,

    the easiest way to resolve this is to re-install the operating system if you have the installation disc or a recovery disc which you should have made when you first got the computer.

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