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Is it a good idea to grab Michael Crabtree for your fantasy team?

49er wide receiver Crabtree is available to grab off the waiver wire in most fantasy leagues. What do u think?

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    I picked him up for no other reason than I had room on the bench and in a few weeks he might get into the game and do something.

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    I would say no. The fact that Crabtree has already shown he is willing to sit out when things don't go his way is an automatic red flag. He also is coming in during the middle of the season. He hasn't been to training camp this year and hasn't practiced with the team up until now. Nor has he played with the 49er's on the field (not even preseason) so he may not be familiar with plays, routes or his quarterback. He could grab you some nice fantasty points every now and then but I don't think he could be consistent.

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    If you've got enough roster spots that you can afford to have someone on your bench doing nothing for 5-6 weeks he might be worth a flier. Especially if you are in a keeper league and don't already have a top tier WR that you plan on holding onto for a while.

    I certainly wouldn't go dropping a proven, above average performer to get him though.

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    He's not making any kind of fantasy contribution for a few weeks...but if you have the room for him on your bench go ahead and pick him up!

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    i would yes but he may not play full time for a couple of weeks.he maybe returning punts and kickoffs.and limeted time on the on theird downs.good luck with your league

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    For THIS season? No...not unless it's a keeper league.

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