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Why could the generals talk about Afghanistan when bush was in office but 0bama wont let them talk about it?

Obama has stop his generals from talking about Afghanistan. but they did all the time when bush was in office.

Is the 0bama a control freak?

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    Actually no he's not, but he is leaning on an old precedent that got General Douglas MacArthur fired.

    It was James Jones, the national security advisor, who first criticized General McCrystal for not following protocol, by talking to the press instead of to his immediate superior, as expected.

    In this White House, protocol is a little uncertain. There seems to be a lot of doted lines, many that go directly to the president. General McCrystal did talk with 0bama, at least once, about troop strength. it was 0bama who has done nothing in response to the generals request, so maybe he wasn't as far out of line as Jones claims.

    This response is so typical of this White House. It creates little obstacles to draw attention away from the more serious issue, capitulating to the Taliban.

    I thought General Jones response was a little disingenuous, he knowing the problem General McCrystal is having with this president who cannot make decisions. It would be a major disappointment for me and a myriad of present and former Marines, to think that it's former Commandant was now a lackey for this most incompetent president.

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    I believe Generals were allowed to talk under Bush only if authorized. Bush fired more Generals and covered up more lies than any president I know of in my lifetime, including Nixon and Reagan.

    Generals are under a Chain-of-Command of which the President of the United States is the Commander in Chief. You don't go around your commanders and that did not start with Obama. Selective leaks are unacceptable as they could risk lives.

    If you were ever in the military you would know that. If anyone has put a muzzle on them it is the Secretary of the Defense, Robert Gates!

    Bush was a control freak...and a fascist!

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    There you go again rewriting history to expunge Bush II's record of intolerance of internal debate, deceit and incompetence. Bush II reassigned or fired the generals who told him to finish what he started in Afghanistan rather than split the military resources between Afghanistan and Iraq and likely lose both wars. Those are the facts. So far, Obama is listening to all sides in the debate rather than exiling everybody who doesn't agree with him to Siberia.

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    Just piling on here.

    Bush fired the generals who disagreed with him.

    Obama is not censoring any generals. McChrystal is getting some pushback for announcing that a certain policy will not work, even though it had not even been proposed.

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    Disobedience (insurbordination) of a superior officer including the Commander-in-Chief is often a court martial offense under the US Military Code of Justice.

    People are free to resign their commissions if they do not feel they can live up to the job that they signed on for.

    PS. If you work, insubordination is often grounds for termination as well.

    Welcome to society.

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    I see. Was it the generals who told Bush to abandon Afghanistan and start a pointless illegal war in Iraq?

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    forget approximately what you're tol by ability of the media. you will nicely be valuable Obama speaks to everyday “Pistol” MacChrystal, on a on a regular basis foundation. final week the l. a. circumstances reported Obama had ordered seven-hundred extra beneficial intelligence group into Afghanistan to regulate the subsequent surge. which will in all possibility propose doubling the seventy 4,000 contractors already in the Afghan theater. the only way Obama can administration next years poppy crop is to replace conventional troops with armed contractors. which you will desire to word became into consistently the Bush- Cheney Plan for “poppyland”. A presently leaked CIA document revealed President Hamid Karzai's old chum Muhammad Qasim Fahim has his very own Russian made transport airplane that in many circumstances can provide a great number of heroin to his old acquaintances in the Kremlin. Karzai has ring fenced himself with brutal warlords like Fahim, all of who're accused of conflict crimes and commercial scale drug trafficking. on the time of the 2001 invasion Fahim became right into a commander of the Northern Alliance - who the media portrayed with the aid of fact the coolest adult adult males with the aid of fact they fought the Taliban. Mr Bush gave Fahim tens-of-thousands and thousands of Tax funds, in funds, to lower back the USA. Fahim used 8-million to purchase his Russian shipment airplane that fly's a great number of heroin into Russia and returns stacked with funds. Like Mr. Bush Mr. Obama will do no longer something to supply up the drug commerce. on the choice Mr. Obama will verify Karzai and his acquaintances produce ten airplane dissimilar heroin, for his administration, for each airplane load that is going to the lads in the Kremlin. BTW . As Mr. Bush arranged to invade Afghanistan, two decades of CIA information naming Karzai and Fahim with the aid of fact the substantial gamers in the Afghan drug commerce became into the two lost or buried.

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    i'd like to add that the other night i saw a recently retired general being interviewed. he had met with obama a couple times, and reported that obama was serious, courteous, and seemed genuinely interested in what he had to say, UNLIKE the previous president.

    bush fired or reassigned every general who privately disagreed with him, including a former general who was his first secretary of state. i notice that even though mcchrystal spoke publicly, HE still has his job.

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    No. Because they are breaking the chain of command and it's inappropriate to do so. The fact that the incompetent Bush allowed it doesn't make it right.

    And, Bush did let them speak...then FIRED them when they disagreed.

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    Because they are telling the truth and it is making Obama look like the incompetent boob that he really is

    The more time he takes making his decision as CIC it will cost more troops their lives

    Stop worrying about your approval ratings and do you god damn job

    Source(s): USMC 1989-1993
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