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Why if your height is more then your hand span is more?

I recently did an experiment at school and it showed that the taller you were the higher your hand span and foot size why is this? It seems an easy question but I really don't know thanks alot


I mean why is it in proportion

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    A person's height is primarily related to the growth of the long bones in their legs, and long bones grow from the middle outwards. The degree of growth is influenced by genetic predisposition and nutrition (i.e. environment), both of which factors act on the developing organism as a whole.

    Since the tarsal and carpal bones in hands and feet are also 'long bones' (i.e. similar in structure if not size to the long bones of the arms and legs) their development is likely to be influenced in a similar way by those same genetic and environmental factors. Hence, people with long legs/arms are also likely to develop long hands/feet.

    Vertebrae follow a different development pattern, so height is less influenced by torso length than leg length. I suspect that, if you had measured torso length as well, you would have found less variation within your sample group, i.e. there would have been a less good correlation between torso length and hand/foot size (this might be an interesting follow-up experiment to suggest to your teacher, if you can figure out a way of measuring torso length without anyone getting offended/the giggles).

    Source(s): A-level biology, undergrad-level biochem.
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    I think it was Da Vinci who found that the human body was in proportion to some degree, its that famous picture with the man who appears to have 4 arms and 4 legs. Basically in order for your body to remain in proportion if one thing increase so must the others.

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