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What are the laws on owning pit bulls in UK?

Can you keep them if they are spayed and neutered and are you allowed to walk them in public if they are kept on a lead?

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    No! You are not even allowed to buy then or be given them

    Dangerous dog act 1991 Pitts and their mixes were banned, at that time they had to be registered, chipped, insured, tattooed,neutered, muzzled in public etc etc etc. A total ban on breeding, sale, exchange, from the beginning of 1992-1997 no dog was allowed to be added to the register so any dog born after that time is illegal and would be seized, PTS and the owner prosecuted ....then in 1997 the order was amended to say a court could add any other dog to the in reality no Pitts should still be alive, they should have died out in that any you see are illegal.

    PS At one RSPCA kennels about 6 weeks ago.....I visited to do a behavioural accessment from an adopting family and a Pitt un neutered male of about 2 years old was in a kennel and was told by staff it was a staffie.........not a chance! I asked if it was up for adoption and the manager quietly said no they were aware it was a full Pitt and were waiting the 7 days to see if the 'owner came forward to reclaim it......I have to say it was a lovely, well mannered dog, however illegal!

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    Pitbull “type” dogs are banned under the dangerous dogs act.

    It is illegal to buy, sell, import, breed, exchange or give away a pitbull type dog. The only way you can legally own a pitbull is if you already own it, it has been given an exemption by a court, has been neutered/spayed and micro chipped. It can never be let off the lead in public and must be muzzled. as the law came in to effect in the 1980's and was revised in 1997 so that the only legaly owned pit bull would now be an extremly old dog.

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    OK im not sure what the license is called. I know you can talk to police or vet about it. It'll then be taken to court so you can be granted your license. You'll have to prove the pitbull is friendly to people and other animals. Once the license is granted you have to have him/her neutered/spayed, muzzled and leashed in public at all times, microchipped and tatooed. The dog can be confiscated and put down if these arent followed. You would also need to get a license to import the dog. This can be done by the Pet travelling scheme or defra but you'd have to explain the situation. I dont know costs of anything, sorry. Try and do some research coz you would probably find alot more things that are accurate etc. Good luck:)

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    It is against the law to breed, buy or exchange pit bulls in the UK. So it is impossible to legal get them. Ones the dangerous dog act come into force in the Uk any pit bull or pit bull X and other dogs classified on the dangerous dog act had to be neutered ,and muzzled and kept on there lead in publc.

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    Do some of you read what you type?

    I agree that it is not illegal to own a pit bull in the UK.

    It is however illegal to breed the dog, sell or exchange the dog or offer, advertise or expose the dog for sale. It is also illegal to buy or import such animals etc

    As a result even though I can legally own one I can not legally get hold of one.

    The reason why they were not banned outright was simply to allow the existing dogs in UK to remain with their owners. I think there would have been issues if the state seized and killed a load of peoples pets!Given how long its been since the laws were put in place all existing dogs swould be dead.

    Now since you dont already have one and cant legally get one how exactly do you think you will ever have a pit bull?

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    Pit bulls have to be speutered, tatooed, licensed and on a leash, wearing a muzzle in public AT ALL TIMES. This includes in your car or in an unfenced garden. The leash must be held by someone over the age of 18.

    I have a link to a website of someone who has a rescue pit in the K, only it's on my other computer. If you're interested I can get it for you tomorrow?

    Wolf Lover is right. I've done my researc on this as I plan to get into Pibble rescue one day. They ARE legal to own if you go to DEFRA and get a license for one. I forgot te part about not exchanging them in any way though. Thanks for the reminder Wolf!

    They're not illegal, just very heavily licensed,

    ETA: For all those people saying they're legal with a license (which is true) but you can't get them: you're wrong. The Met police confiscated over 600 Pit Bulls in London last year. Most were automatically put to sleep. A lucky few were adopted out into legal, loving homes. It IS possible to get a pit, it's just very hard and there are so many hoops to jump through that most people don't bother.

    One day I will.

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    Pit bulls and pit bull types are banned.

    When the law was originally introduced in 1989, all the existing Pit Bulls had to be neutered - any remaining "legally" allowed Pit Bulls would now be over 20yrs old!

    Wolf-lover gives incorrect and misleading information. The only way you could own a Pit bull is if it was exempted from the law - and to get that, you'd need to go to court.

    For the millionth time: PIT BULLS ARE ILLEGAL in the UK.

    It's stupid & unfair, but it's the law.

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    My dream is to one day own a pitbull ( i also live in the uk )

    The dog must be registired in the dangerouse dog index,

    it has to be nutuerd, microchipped, tattooed and insured. The dog shall never be bred, and you can never sell or exchange the dog or offer, advertise or expose the dog for sale. That also inclusdes making the dog a gift, or advertise the dog as a gift. To walk the dog in a public place it should be muzzled and kept on lead at all time. You can never abandon the dog or allow it to stray.

    Owning an unregistered pit bull terrier type dog is unlawful and if you have such a dog you are committing a criminal offence.

    That is basicaly it.... good luck :D

    add: Dont listen to the people who say you cant own them, my friend owns two and she has a lisence and everything.

    Add: I know you our NOT ment to breed them, but i have seen a add for a pitbull breeder in surrey

    Add: I have recently found this of a website "Under the Dangerous Dogs Act it is illegal to possess a pitbull without a certificate of exemption, which is granted only if the dog is neutered and microchipped for identification.".

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