What does the word overrated mean to you?

When a wrestler is called overrated..what does it mean to you?

Is the word "overrated", in itself overrated?

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    Overrated- When a Professional Wrestler, or Wrestlers, get more credit and praise than they deserve. When fans exaggerate the Professional Wrestler's qualities and value and make them out to be better than they really are.

    For me, being considered overrated has nothing to do with title pushes at all. This has to do with what fans think about a Professional Wrestler and how much they talk about him, how they talk about them, and how they really are in the ring and/or on a microphone.

    One example of an overrated wrestler is Maryse. People act as if she's really that great in the ring, and her fanbase is ridiculously huge for a reason I still can't figure out. She doesn't offer anything that the other Divas can't offer, and most of her appeal is through her looks rather than her in-ring ability. She also hasn't had an exceptional match since her matches vs. Michelle McCool.

    Another example is Shawn Michaels. A lot of fans act as if he's the only person in existence to put on good matches, when there are plenty of Professional Wrestlers that can do what he does and more. People act as if he's the only wrestler that can go in the ring and on the mic, and think that WWE can't do without him at all, and the truth is there are a lot better wrestlers out there than Shawn Michaels.

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    The word overrated is indeed overrated. This is my definition of what overrated means and should mean: someone who is given too much credit that isn't deserved. Here's an example, Kevin Nash is great on the mic and very intelligent, but most fans will tend to say he was a great wrestler. He had little to no wrestling skills, therefore, he is overrated. However, if someone were to say that he's a great talker, but doesn't have the wrestling ability, that's the rightful credit he deserve; at least in my opinion.

    Now towards the IWC, overrated to most of them means someone who is over hyped (i.e.: wrestler who stays in the main event picture for a long time, many title opportunities and etc). That would be directed towards John Cena, Randy Orton (even though he's loved) and the selected few. It's basically the people they try to shove down the fans throats, but quite frankly, this isn't my definition of overrated. The explanation I gave in the first paragraph is my definition of overrated.

  • "Someone or thing not living up to the Hype or Praise it is given".

    Using the word overrated has become overrated IMO. It seems in this section every wrestler that has a Title or in the Limelight is deemed overrated. Alot around here really misinterpret the definition of the word, and uses it with-out fully knowing the context and meaning of it,

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    Their is one of two versions of "overrated" to me personally, overrated by a company and overrated by the fans.

    To be overrated by the company to me you need to be constantly used beyond your talents warrant. Being a main eventer without good wrestling and mic skills for a prolonged period, Batista, would make you overrated to me in that sense because the wrestler has little to offer a wrestling program but they are still being pushed as a big star. This version of overrated is often negated by draw power and the reaction the wrestler gets from a live crowd, it doesn't matter if you think they are talented if they can get a loud pop from a crowd then talent is pretty much meaningless, wrestling company's are trying to make money and if an untalented wrestler makes them money why would you ignore that? Business is about making money, more money is better business so really you can't blame a wrestling company for using a wrestler overrated in this way.

    Overrated by the fans however is completely different and is what i base most of my "overrated" comments on because its can be the most nonsense seen in wrestling, a wrestling fans opinion of a wrestler can be farcical at times because they lose sight of the fact if a wrestler can't sell tickets talent is meaningless. A wrestler can be overrated by fans in many ways, they can be called the best of all time by fans when clearly if you objectively compare them to someone else they are no where near the best. They can referred to as someone that should already be a world champion despite a build up and a serious lack of something to make them a truly top tier wrestler. A wrestler can be called the best in the company and so underrated by everyone that it gets to the stage where fans think too highly of the wrestler for the talents he has shown so there constant calling the wrestler underrated actually starts to make him overrated by fans. Their are many ways fans can overrated a wrestler and when trying to be objective while talking about wrestlers fans who overrate can be VERY annoying.

    Its not an overrated word in itself, its more misused. everyone throws it around without really explaining what they mean by it since it's open to interpretation

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  • I think people confuse the term overrated with being hyped and pushed at times.

    Overrated means given an undue amount of credit for quality or merit in a field; not necessarily related to popularity. Some wrestlers fit into that certain category, but many wrestlers are either underrated or rated just fine in my opinion. There are two terms of the meaning of overrated in wrestling. Being overrated by WWE means is receiving a push that far surpasses normal expectations such as Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan was portrayed as one of the greatest superstars in WWE history, when in reality he isn't. Being overrated in WWE means that the certain superstar is shoved down our throats.

    Being hyped by fans is another factor because the fans are the ones that hype the wrestler or give the amount of credit for that wrestler. Randy Orton fits my example well. Although Randy Orton is a good superstar with decent in ring ability, but some fans have said that Randy Orton is one of the greatest wrestlers to step in the ring. That is the meaning of overrated when fans judge certain wrestlers.

    I agree that not everyone is overrated and superstars are often overlooked, but i also agree that its the way WWE hypes the superstar and how WWE portrays that certain character. I never wondered much about how WWE rates their superstars because in WWE, its based on popularity and marketability. I've always wondered what the fans believed and its fan opinion that is considered great importance when the term overrated pops up. Like i said before, fans overrating the superstar is what causes people to say the word overrated.

    I've heard people say things such as Ted DiBiase ready to defeat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania, when in reality that is false assumption.

    John Cena is overrated in WWE because of how they push him and make it seem as if he's greater than some other great wrestlers. However, John Cena is underappreciated by the fans and don't receive any recognizance for his accomplishments.

    John Morrison is rated just fine because the fans know his potential and know his talent, but I disagree when people say that he is the next Shawn Michaels. His push is being confused as being overrated by WWE when WWE is just getting more wrestlers into the main event. I think the difference between hype and overrated is the fact that overrated means too much hype, which is what some superstars receive.

    Those are just my opinion on those matters and i think fans giving too much credit to a superstar in certain areas is what made the mentioning of the term overrated frequent around here. I think its best to rightly rate the superstar by giving credit where credit is due and not exceeding beyond that. To summarize being pushed and being overrated is different because one is done by the company and the other is mostly judged upon fans as well.

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    Overrated to me means that it is talked up a heap, always in your face (gets a lot of air time), barely loses a match and doesn't have any ring skill

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    To me it's meaning something is given more value or hype than it's worth. I would say it's a matter of personal opinion if that's being done.

    I feel that word is that meaning, but it's ironically meant to be that way.

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    Too me, there are two words that can be used:

    Overrated and Overhyped

    Too me: overrated would be guys like Great Khali, Mark Henry, etc.

    Overhyped would be guys like: John Cena, Kevin Nash, Batista, etc.

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    wen ppl wont shut up about something that wasnt tht great n the 1st place! and yes...overrated is used way too losely

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    Cheryl Cole.

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