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lets say you start to become anorexic or to starve yourself. YOur body would go into survival mode to help you survive...BUT while its in survival mode, will your body burn off the muscle or the body first?

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    It will burn off fat, muscle, but more importantly it will start to eat itself. When someone starves themselves, your body lowers its metabolism. The lower the metabolism the less fat/muscles gets burned for energy.

    However, there will come a time that your body will be forced to get its energy from itself. When this happens, you body will burn anything it can for energy. Body fat will go the fastest, but at the same time muscle will get depleted too. There will also come a time when important body parts start to get used as energy.

    An example would be parts of the heart and the fat that holds the kidneys up. I do not know if you are doing it yourself, but you should definitely stop! It is not healthy and you would feel much better doing it the healthy way.

    Source(s): Nutrition Major/Pre-Med Student
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    first it would shut burning stuff off mode off then it would eat the fat then the muscle then the organs

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    muscle DEFINITELY

    Source(s): im a doctor
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