Why is Obama personally going to pitch for the Olympics when he is needed at home?

I keep hearing our Chief General who is in Afghanistan is not being contacted by Obama and his administration (it' been something like 70+ days since they spoke) and his requests for help are unaddressed, yet our traveling man Obama seems to see fit to go pitch of Chicago to get the summer 2016 Olympics. Shouldn't his priorities be our nation and the war instead of going off to "play" and pitch fo his home state.

I'm really turned off by this.

What are your thoughts?

What do you think his priorities ought to be?



DS, I never once said I approved of Bush or anything he did. I was not a fan of his, either. I do happen to think Obama is doing very poorly, though, worse than Bush.

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    you may want to check out these two pieces by malkin (thank God for the alternative media) for some serious insight into the reasons why (for the personal push for the olympics). i do know this though, he is the "first" president to do this which also explains why for the chicago area. as far as afghanistan, he has made a mockery of this situation as well, he now has france (of all countries) and britain po'd at us for his handling of the nuke debacle. they felt (as i did) that he should have dropped the bomb on them during the security council address (the evidence that we knew they had a manufacturing facility in Qom) , why he left it until the G20 meeting purely astonishes me. sources below for much more colorful commentary...



    pay particular attention to this piece...sarkosy has some choice words for mr. obama...


    scroll down to the box on this one...


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    4 years ago

    He didn't want to get ripped apart in conservative media again like he did when he went to Copenhagen. I mean, if he can't take time from national issues to advocate bringing the Olympic Games to an American city, how can he justify doing so for the anniversary celebration of a German achievement?

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    Seriously, this extremely arrogant person is punishing our general and the troops. obama knows this situation as aired has been unflattering to him, and besides, he must take care of Chicago before his war right? People are supposed to bow to him, not make revelations about how inept and disgraceful a human being he is.

    But wow, he does shine as a community organizer and pitchman and less like an actual commander in chief. He couldn't even take a few hours out of his busy road show to meet with our troops' commanders.

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    Obama is the ultimate pitch man. He is nothing more than a snake oil salesman. After he's done with them they'll not only be having the games in Illinois, but will call them the"Amerigames"

    He can't solve unemployment, but he'll have the olympics here!

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    1 decade ago

    Obama wants to stay in the spotlight but I am beginning to think he has no real idea what he is doing or how he intends to go about it. His priorities are certainly skewed.

    You'll notice that the Obamanites can only make comparisons to others or call names? Bush is no longer president and is irrelevant to this question. Obama is not addressing the important things like the lives of our citizens while he goes out and plays at being a big man. He needs to sit down and address the real concerns of the citizens rather than go make speeches.

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    Getting the selection to have the olympics any where in the US is a good thing... (well, depending on what the censored report from Fox news in Chicago would have told us)... It makes sense that Obama would pitch to get it. At the same time, we do need leadership direction on what to do in Afghanistan.

    Obama has said in the last couple of days that he needs to re-evaluate our progress in Afghanistan before deciding on new troop levels. It only took him 70 some days to decide more information is needed.

    I don't have a problem with Obama pitching to get the olympics, but I do have issue with the heel dragging going on over what to do in Afghanistan.

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    The things that bother me the most is the cost of this trip to the tax payers, and the fact that it is Chicago, his home away from home I am wondering if he would do this for say, San Francisco?

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    I was wondering this same thing then it hit me 2016, IF he is re-elected in 2012, will be his last year in office and since he is from Chicago what a send off that would be for his presidency...hes doing it as a monument to himself. They'll probably name a stadium after him or some goofy thing like that.

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    Because you know as well as I do that campaigning for things is what he does best -"little things" like Iran's nuclear capabilities shouldn't get in the way of that. Will he ever start acting like Potus-although I doubt he's even capable.

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    1 decade ago

    Payback to the corrupt Chicago Political machine that got him as far as it did.

    If it is not painfully obvious his priorities are skewed a person must be in a kool aid coma.

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