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Magic the Gathering: Regeneration?

Ok so I'm pretty new at the game still and just got through playing a game with my gf. She plays g/w and I play blue/black. Just to experiment, I threw a couple of black creatures with regenerate ( Drudge Skeletons and Wall of Bone, I believe) and she had a hard time as everytime she attacked with her mana-heavy green creatures I just blocked and regenerated with those two.

Can someone explain a strategy for defeating regen creatures? Or am I using them wrong?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    That is correct, and that is how they are used. They really have 4 weaknesses in general:

    1) Regen creatures tend to be low-power, so they provide little deterrant against attacks if your opponent has more creatures than you and their creatures are tougher (which for equivalent mana cost, they will be, particularly Green creatures).

    2) There are few flying creatures with Regen, so you can usually just go over the top of them.

    3) Regen provides no extra protection against Trample. This is really the only situation where Wall of Bone is superior to Drudge Skeletons.

    4) Regen always has a cost, usually one black mana. This means that any time you are concerned about being attacked, you have to hold back one mana per regen creature, so they effectively reduce your mana pool every turn.

    Green tends to have a lot of trample. White has a fair share of flying, and a rather large amount of Exile (formerly called Remove from the Game), which since it is not destroying the creature, regenerate does not protect against.

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  • LynnM
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    The regeneration ability always has a cost and an effect. For example in Troll Ascetic it says: 1G: Regenerate Troll Ascetic That means that if you pay 1G you will put a 'regeneration shield' over your Troll Ascetic. Any combat damage or burn damage (such as schock, or volcanic hammer) will deplete the 'regeneration shield' instead of killing your Troll (assuming that somehow they can target the Troll). As an effect of using the 'regeneration shield', the regenerated creature becomes tapped. Now damage done by attacking and blocking creatures. Once you declared blockers, the next step in the combat phase is called "combat damage". Here you assign the damage from the creatures you control and your opponent does the same. Once damage is assigned, you (and your opponent) are allowed to play effects, abilities or spells, that will go on a stack. Once the stack solves and its empty, damage will be done. Lets say you attack with Troll ascetic and I block with a grizzly bears. You assign 3 damage to my bears, and I assign 2 damage to your Troll. Damage goes on the stack. I play giant growth on my bears. You play your regeneration ability (damage has been assigned but not yet done). Once we both pass and damage is dealt. Your Troll will be tapped, since you used its regeneration shield. One more thing about regeneration: you can pay the regeneration shield as many times as you want, and not necesarrilly use it. Lets say that you have magus of the vineyard and no way to spend that mana, you can use it on your Troll Ascetic's regeneration, even if it doesnt get damage at all.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    no your using it right thats what makes regeneration so good its just she needs to try to overhwlem you so you cant block all her creatures and try to get you when your tapped out so that you can regen your using them right

    have fun playing magic hoped this helped

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  • 1 decade ago

    simple: incinerate. it deals 3 damage to a creature or player, and a creature that was dealt damage that way can't regenerate this turn.

    alternatively, you could use wrath of god or damnation to kill every creature, and they can't regenerate, but incinerate is cheaper than the other two.

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  • 1 decade ago

    sorry wrong Selection

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