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Where can I get a cheap MDF board?

I am going to make a workbench and need a bigish sheet of thick MDF. Will I be better getting this off the net or from somewhere like B&Q or a builders yard?

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    Your best price will be at a builders supply store. Since B&Q is a DIY store, then they will most definitely have it! It is generally sold in 1.2m x 2.4m (4 foot by 8 foot) sheets. So you will need a truck to get it home. Some stores will rent you a truck so that you can get your materials home as well.

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    Are you referring to skirting boards as in the enclosure around a mobile home? If so, then I do not recommend MDF since it is not suitable for exterior use. MDF is simply a pressed fiber material that doesn't have much structural strength and it doesn't last if it gets wet. It's meant to be used indoors to provide a smooth surface which accepts paint very well. If you are referring to indoor skirting then you must consider how easy it would be for your dog to destroy the MDF if it was able to ruin pine boards. MDF can be scratched easily with only a fingernail. Perhaps you would be wiser to use a 'good one side' grade of plywood for your skirting. It has one sanded side while the other is left with a mill finish. Good luck with your project.

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    B&Q, at their larger stores they will also make up to 4 cuts on their incredibly accurate saw for you, free of charge.

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    wood stock at builders yard

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