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Women Only Car Insurance?

Are the companies that offer women only car insurance actually cheaper than normal insurance companies or is it just a trick to get women to use them?

Why should women get cheaper insurance anyway? Is it not discrimination to offer different insurance prices based on gender? Surely you couldn't offer cheaper insurance to white people?


Re: Rio Madeira

Women actually get into more accidents per mile driven.

Update 2:

Re: Maid Angela

More men drive and men drive a lot more miles on average than women. Therefore they are more likely to have crashes. When you factor in these things Men are involved in 5.1 crashes per million miles driven compared to 5.7 crashes for women.

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    That "per mile" bit reverses the results, because women don't drive the same number of miles that men drive -typically-. Bottom line, women cost car insurance companies less money, and are less likely to keep a car, so companies make more money by charging them less, rather than losing their business.

    Men -typically- are willing to pay more, to keep the car, so insurers make sure they do charge us more to keep the car.

    Women pay more than men for most other things, like the cost of the car, the mortgage, health insurance, life insurance, dry cleaning (even for pant suits), home repairs, hair cuts, you name it. So just forget the few dollars they save on car insurance, alright?

    I've written a bit more about this:


    Edit: An other bit of math that is often forgotten (which falls in favor of women) is that we don't pay for insurance per mile. We pay in increments of time (usually months), so all that you mentioned, plus their tendancy to drive less, makes them a much lower liability.

    For examples sake, let's say average joe get's into a car accident every 10, 000 miles. Then let's say average jane also get's into a car accident every 10, 000 miles. Joe drives 5,000 miles a month, Jane drives 1,000 miles a month. This means joe can expect to have 6 car accidents this year. Jane is expected to have only 1.

    Wheather she drives with the same efficiency as joe, no one can really say. But she is more profitalbe, any way because she drives less. That's all the insurance company cares about.

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    Women get cheaper car insurance because they have fewer car accidents than men. You can argue that the companies offering those products should be forced to offer insurance to men as well - but offering cheaper insurance rates to women is sound commercial practise. It works the other way as well. If a man and women pay exactly the same amount of money into a pension plan and then retire the man will receive a higher annual pension than the women. Pension payments are claculated on the number of years the recipient is expected to live and a woman usually lives longer than a man. So the woman gets less money each year. Now get over it and try holding the door open for anyone who needs your help without worrying about whether they're a man or woman.

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    Insurance companies can and do take every factor into account that has anything to do with your chances of having an accident. It is fair. Having to pay the same amount as a 20 year old boy racer, regardless of who you were, would be unfair.

    While women may be less accident prone, the idea that regular insurers make women pay for men's accidents is just marketing spin. If they weren't making a profit on the men, they would not have insured them. Therefore regular insurers can offer female drivers the same premiums as women only insurers, no matter how bad male driving becomes.

    Why do they do it? Most people don't shop around enough, which allows insurers to overcharge. Appealing to the female ego can make women compare their excessive premiums to their own quotes, without encouraging them to look at the hundreds of other insurers that would offer even better quotes.

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    Yes they are cheaper . I had paid my ex ever increasing amounts to be insured on his policy for 18 years , when we split i had no no claims bonus and so my insurance on a 10 year old Rover was £2500 .

    When my current partner found out he put me in touch with a women only company who take into consideration these facts . My policy went down to £250 when they discovered i had driven without incident or accident for 18 years . This is less than i had paid my ex who i now know insured me through his dads farm for about £20 a year !

    It's legal to have a Gentlemen only club or a Blacks only barbers so why not women's insurance ? incidentally most women only insurance companies do in fact insure men too .

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    Insurance companies are hard headed business enterprises and then make good profits because the understand the risks. They do in fact give cheaper insurance to women because they know that women make less claims than men so by definition they have less accidents

    So your statement that women get into more accidents per mile must be wrong

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    its not too far off half and half of both genders in society, most people drive so its not because men drive more they are a higher risk per se, the information the research teams supply to the insurance associations show certain demographics statistics, how do women preform verses men, how 18 year olds drive on average to the 40 year old demographic.

    I'd assume women get the slaggin for being bad drivers because they are more likely to have a minor bump but most of the time its male drivers involved in more serious accidents, therefore that demographic is a high risk to the company so males are charged twice as much.

    when it comes to insurance recently there was much controversy over an overweight woman being denied health insurance, but she was a high risk to the company, the court case deemed this as discrimination but really its just demographics, people only get bothered because its costing them. when being a certain gender is a pro no one brings it up!

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    You will find that they are no cheaper than other insurers for the same woman driving the same vehicle with the same policy type.

    The purpose of claiming to cover women only is just a marketing device and so is legal. If these firms really were offering women services which were not available to men on the same terms (including in this case posing an identical statistical risk of a claim) then it would be illegal sex discrimination.

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    I didn't know there was car insurance companies that only offered insurance to women.

    Are their receptionists men? :)

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    Why are you asking the general population of women? Do we own these companies? Do we have any say in it? I think what you're looking for is a pen, paper, and the address to Sheila's Wheels, not an online soapbox.

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    This is a question for which we all already know the answer. It's quite OK to discriminate against men, much like it's OK to discriminate against white people.

    Those who have marshaled the sympathy of government and cultural leaders have created convoluted rationalizations why it's OK to discriminate against those who have historically had power, regardless of the current power reality of groups in general or individuals in the specific.

    And these rationalizations will continue because boys don't cry, and they're supposed to take it "like a man." These are built-in cultural norms which have been taken over by feminists like a virus takes over a host. In this case, the feminist relies on the male model of stoicism to continue to exploit situation and promote the rationalization.

    It's a very effective strategy.

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