My beautiful mother passed away this month....?

she was 99 years old and had lived a wonderful life. She was healthy up until the last month of her life. She died at home, in her own bed, surrounded by all her family. She leaves behind hundreds of friends, a family that still just goes into her room expecting her to give them advice, or a hug....or to sit on her balcony and drink a glass of wine and watch the question, have you told the person who means the most to you, and who you love the most that you love them....that was my mothers final request, to tell your friends, and family that you love them.....have you done that today?


To Fonz....thank you from our family, you made my mother laugh...right up till the end...your friendship meant alot to her...her request, tell your wife and daughters how much you love them, call them, write them, whatever it takes....

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    I hurt for all of you and myself. I have been worrying about you. Not having heard anything I figured we had lost her. I know the pain that you are going through. It hurts like hell and a day won't pass without you thinking of her. I think of her every day and I just had a few months of her. I told my Wife that I was afraid that she was gone, I had not heard for you. When on the way home we saw a double rainbow, I've never seen one before and I told her that it could be Belle saying good bye. We both cried...

    keep in touch


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    I've read this unfolding tale of her illness from previous questions. I'm glad to know that her last days were as beautiful as could possibly be being in the comfort of her own home with those she loved dearly. I hope that a passing like that gives you fond memories of the best of times.

    At 80 y.o., we have been called to my Dad's "death watch" many times. I had issues with him as a child & young adult. We have resolved the past. I always look for occasions to tell him how much I love him by focussing on the positive parts of our lives.

    You give such a great reminder that no one should leave this world with feelings of regret for what was left unsaid.

    It's worth a violation to tell you personally how sorry I am for your loss. It sounds like you mother was a truly remarkable person & was well loved by all. I thank you for sharing this experience in the bits & pieces that have come from your questions. It has put a lot of my life into a place of better perspective. And so Mom was still helping strangers that she never met, nor heard from. You told her tale with such dignity. I hope that when my time comes, I am surrounded with as much constant love and support as you have shared with us readers.

    We can all learn a lesson from your experience that I'm sure was not so easy to share, but I'm the better for it. Bless you & your family during this time.

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    It is a wonderful thing for you & your mother to have had such a dear relationship.

    My mother is 90 and we continue to have the good fortune to be able to spend Sundays with her while her health holds up. My wife, my daughter & other family members gather for mini-reunions and take mother to a favorite restaurant. Mother lives at an assisted living community and both she & I look forward to these weekly outings. We as a family cherish these moments that we spend with her now. May all the good memories of times well spent with your mother last a lifetime. God bless...

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    Melissa, I am sorry for your loss and I understand, as I have been through the trials that you and your family are now having to endure. After my own Dear Mother left us several years ago we realized how many times we had the opportunity to tell her that we loved her and did not. Even though she knew that we loved her very much it would have been good for us to verbally reassure her. Since her death, all of us in my family have remembered our error and we have made it a habit to make that statement, " I love you ", in every conversation and in every visit that we have now. My Sweetie and I repeat this simple and short statement several times each day. On our last day together we will not wish that we had repeated it on that day and be forced to face the sad fact that we did not. Such a simple statement that means so much.

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    My sincere condolences for your loss! Keep those happy memories close to heart and tell her story to the generations still here or yet to come! I know when I tell my kids about their relatives they knew well, they become REAL for them :-)

    My mom is 90, in a private Alzheimers home..and yes, despite a rocky past before her diagnosis which back then I harbored ill feelings, I now tell her every time I see her that I love her. Today she is NOT the resentment laden woman she once was.

    I promised my Dad on his death bed that I would love her and take care of her and have done so.

    AND I tell my children and grands and close friends DAILY how much I cherish and love them.

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    Sorry to hear of your mother's death, but what a wonderful, long life she had. In our family we never say goodbye without adding "I love you." Whether it be on the phone or in person, those words mean so much. Life passes us by so quickly and we never know when we will be called to be with God. We should always be prepared for death and we don't want any regrets when the time comes. Wouldn't it be a beautiful world if everyone said "I love you" to everyone they met?

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    Most of us girls in the family will tell each I love you when we talk on the phone before hanging up. The guys are guys, you know and hate the mushy stuff. My husband and I tell each other every day and many times a day we love each other. I never had that in my first marriage. My niece who has cancer, we never miss telling each other I love you, because we never know what tomorrow will bring. She could be gone tomorrow. I was almost checked out last week, and it sure puts things in a different perspective. Sorry for your loss.

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    I'm so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. You & yours were blessed to have had her for so long, but you know that. I do indeed make it a point to tell my loved ones, how much I love them, how proud I am of them, & how very special they are to me. I've always done that & I will continue to do so, until I am called home. I know you will miss your mother but you have so many wonderful memories of her, & they will comfort you always. I didn't know your mother but from what you have told us about her, she must have been one remarkable lady. May it comfort you to know that others care. Your mother earned her angel wings & is in heaven watching over you & yours, until you are all together once again.

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    oh, Melissa, how you were blessed!... I lost my mom when I was 19..... (forty some years ago)....... how I wish I could say, like you did, that she was 99.... knowing I'd have had her near all those empty, lonely years..... I hope you will pile up all the wonderful memories of her and hold them close to your heart.... I can only envy how much bigger your pile is than my little heap.... and yes, that "I love you'' is very important to our family, Belle.... but thank you for making sure the idea is passed on here, thru your sweet Melissa.....

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    I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You have reason to be proud of your mother. Her final request may be like a pebble tossed in a pond, sending out waves of goodness. Who knows how many people will take her advice and tell others they are loved? It will brighten a lot of peoples lives.

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