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Is it normal for a 9 year old to take three weeks to read a book?

My 9 year old son Cecil has spent three weeks reading Tolstoy's 'Anna Karenina', and he's only on page 489. I regard this novel as Tolstoy's finest work and young Cecil cannot even clearly explain its central themes. His essay on the first quarter of the book did not show clear insight into the thematic arc at all.

Is the boy of lower than average intelligence?

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    Its a shame that the modern generation are rather slow. After all writing is just creative communication.

    Reading is the process of learning information,

    I would suggest that it is a generational fault, where education has been simplified to the standard that would befit a mental patient.

    This is so children, and adults of dull wit do not feel left out by the more average person. I wouldn't blame your nephew, I'd blame his sub standard school.

    Although I do feel that you wouldn't be blamed if you thrashed him for devaluing the use of his faculties.

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    You should proud and satisfied that he is reading it at all at the age of 9. Stop pressuring him. Reading should be a pleasant experience - NOT work or a competition. Give him time to actually enjoy the story. How about having him read some of Charles Dickens work? Oliver Twist comes to mind as age appropriate and might actually interest him since the main character starts out about the same age as Cecil.

    I think you are expecting too much of him to explain its central themes. I'm past college age and haven't read it at all. That isn't to say that you haven't put the "bug" in my ear. I'll be looking for it my next trip to the library.


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    If his essay-writing is not up to par perhaps he should start the book over again. It appears he is not even absorbing what he is so slowly reading. I do not think he is stupid, but I do think he lacks discipline. I would suggest having him read the book 18 times, and then produce a 60 page paper on central themes and character progression.

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    It seems Sir B that you've stirred up a cauldron of debate. I say he's a runt and should be put in a pillow case and thrown into the Thames with the rest of the kittens who couldn't open their eyes and read Tolstoy. My Ethelbert has already devoured the War and Peace in it's entirety and he is still in the womb.

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  • I have never read it so...

    500 pages in 3 weeks is pretty good time for a nine year old

    I have read a three hundred page book in one sitdown before at the age of 16

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    You being hard, on the kid if he can right an essay at the age of nine he is way above average.

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    Anna Karenina -- Your boys only nine. It took me 3 days to get through Green Eggs and Ham. NO HE IS NOT AN IDIOT!


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    woah you're being tough on the kid.. I was a complete idiot when I was 9 years old. I didn't even know how to write essays right

  • Your son must be autistic!

    It takes my 6 year old sister a week to read a book of that magnitude!

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    LOL!!! WHAT?!?!? I just learned how to do essays in grade 9!!!! (btw im in 11 now) And most of my advanced class isn't very good at writing them stilll, including me :O

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