white bar on laptop screen?

toshiba satellite P30-100 running windows pro XP. had screen show a flickering mainly white ( now all white) bar approx 1/3rd in from left of screen. I assumed it was a screen fault but it did disappear on one session of use.( after being left off for few hours) it has now returned to stay! when booting up the screen show full black and powering up images as normal until it gets to start to display windows screen page then it shows a white vertical bar approx 35 mm wide down screen which covers command and menu bars. The cursor also disappears under? this but will still operate on anything under it I cannot see such as a 'button' or link. I would appreciate any help. having looked up this problem online it seem I have 3 areas to look at but 1st one is for me not valid ( as I had screen working and still does fully on booting up).

1= faulty LCD screen .2= faulty video chip,3= faulty wiring connection and 4= corrupted video drivers.

Toshiba problem page not much help. thanks fo any responses in advance.


thanks nikkai. sounds good. no sidebar but I will reinstall video drivers asap.

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  • nikkai
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    Hi, this sounds like you have a video driver error, I know that you say that there is no problem during the boot up but then it gets the white bar when the screen image is changed to your desktop image.

    That is when the machine switches from the basic video driver to the one selected as the best driver option.

    Go into settings and roll back the video driver or use the default driver to see if it cures the problem. If it does then correct the driver error with a reinstall either from your set up disc's or a down loaded file.

    Are you running a side bar? if so disable it and try that if you have one running it may have become corrupt

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