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Heyy, DO you find yourself attractive?

I do when I wear makeup and nice clothes.. =] Otherwise, I'm not at all attractive. LOL :)

What is your opinion on your own appearance, honestly?


Star if you are bored! LOL

Update 2:

Your ALL gorgeous! :)

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    not my face and my body,just my deeds and speech are attractive.

    about Saxy if that pic is her don't wait choose it as best.

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    I am not a person who has ever said "I am attractive" personally. However it has been mentioned to me that I am. I do wear make up sometimes but not all the time I do it for me,no one else. In all honesty I do not give my appearance a second thought as long as I have a clean nose and a tidy attire I'm fine with it. Life is for enjoying. x

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    Well, it all depends on a day.. sometimes I feel like I am fat and unattractive even when wearing make up and nice clothes.. But I have got a few days in a month where I could take over the whole world. I feel attractive, slim even without make up and nice clothes. This confidence makes you feel like you can do anythin. really! :)

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    I honestly like the way I look, I'm not the prettiest but I know I'm pretty to a majority of people and ugly to others.

    I've been told to love myself, and I know I shouldn't feel ashamed of my looks because of some shallow retard.

    I'm not being conceited or anything either.

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    Depends really...I too wear makeup and try to make my hair look nice, but sometimes I just think ugh :/

    But I guess I am who I am and I was made to be me, so I suppose generally I like the way I am !


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    If you call looking like Homer Simpson attractive, then yes, I'm Mr. Universe.

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    I hate my skin, i hate being tall & I think i'm too thin but most people disagree with me

    I like my hair though...sometimes!LOL!

    i'll give you a star cos this is interesting not cos i'm bored:)

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    I honestly like the way I look.

  • When I look in the mirror and cover my nose I do.

    But we're our own worst critics.

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