Why would a cat's hair stand on end?

I've a relatively young kitten (13 weeks) and as all kittens he's very playful and inquisitive. I've just walked in to check on him and his hair was all on end. It wasn't smooth and groomed as per usual - it was all fluffed up. He seemed a little nervous at the time, but he seems to be playful again. I'm not sure really what the cause of this is, but after loosing a previous cat not too long ago I've grown a little too over protective of my tiny Charlie.

Thoughts and reassurance would be taken kindly.


Yeah, that's an obvious rational answer. I just worry about the little guy a lot. Stress clouds logical thinking apparently, eh?

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    Be as protective as you want over Charlie, he's very young and needs a Mum replacement til he gets braver. He may even have gotten the fright when you went in to check on him. Why is he not with you all the time when you are at home? Surely this would do both of you good, what with you just having lost a furry friend and him having just left his Mum relatively recently. Only a suggestion, not a 'nag' by the way. Hope things go well with you and your new friend.

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    He's frightened. Another way to frighten a kitten is drop it down a tuba and play the chromatic scale.

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    Yeah maybe he seen a shadow bigger than him LOL, its so cute when they do this.. But yeah hes trying to make himself look bigger to anything that may want to cause him harm the poor little begger ... :)

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    Something probaly scared him. cats fluff their hair up when they're scared to make them seem bigger.

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  • 1 decade ago

    its fleas are on the move, manky wee basket

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