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In Bin Laden latest tape message to the Great Satan(USA), he states that the USA are the puppets of Israel.?

Is this true and if so to what extent do the Israeli's have influence over the USA?

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  • Tony A
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    1 decade ago
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    Zionists have been controlling America for hundreds of years. They caused the war of Independence and the civil war and funded both sides. They caused the Napoleonic wars and funded both sides. When the WW1 started America was in favour of the Germans. The sinking of the Lusitania, which may well have been a false flag operation tricked America into the war. The Zionist bankers promised the U.K. that America would join the war if they could set up a Jewish State, Israel, in Palestine. The Balfour Agreement followed. They funded the Bolshevik revolution because Russia had refused to allow a Zionist controlled central bank to be set up in Russia. In 1913 they tricked the U.S. into passing the Federal Reserve act. By 1933 they had driven the U.S. into bankruptcy and the U.S. is bankrupt to this day. The three web sites are quite long but worth reading unless you just don't want to know. The first site is a timeline for the Rothschilds.

    The next two deal with who is running America and the bankruptcy of America.

  • Jim J
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    1 decade ago

    Sad but true, the American Knesset does Israels bidding, the Israelis shout Jump, Congress shouts 'How High.

    A number of things are Happening White Christian Fundamentalism in the USA with an obsession with the 'Holy Land' which lets the Zionist in the backdoor, The only real ally in the Middle East in Israel and the Powerful social, Financial and intellectual influence of the Zionist lobby in the USA.

    They (The Zionist) are at their zenith of power and influence in the USA, due to Gullible white Liberals who haven't the balls to take their country back.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In bin laden's latest message, you'd have thought he'd have bought a DVD recorder by now instead of sending VHS tapes. Who's kidding whom. That's what I want to know !

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its the US taxpayer who is a bit of a puppet. Paying out millions to support a foreign nation.

    In fact Israel is the BBC of the US...but a bit more dangerous.

    Jewish people have a disproportionate level of power in the US and use it to support their own kind.

    I always thought the attack on Iraq was to protect Israel as will be the attack on Iran.

    Its all good for arms sales though !

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  • Daniel
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    1 decade ago

    The USA supports Israel because it is a democracy and because of religious reasons. If we took the religion out of it we would have a better foreign policy about Israel and people would hate us less. It is all about land. Israel wants it and wants to keep the palestinians in a povery ridden situation.

    It is both sides fault, we should be more in the middle. Hopefully we will now. Bin laden will still try to get at us, what else does he have to do in his cave.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hes clearly wrong. Its the other way around. Israel is a puppet of USA - they cant not make peace with their neighbors because of us.

    It is our involvement in Israel that funds a corrupt government, apartheid, and funds Israels own enemies. We perpetuate conflict. We prevent peace talks that would naturally take place if Israel and its neighbors were left to their own resources - they would both seek what was mutual beneficial.

    Mutual benefit means nothing when the worlds superpower is funding your existence.

  • 1 decade ago

    No one is puppet to any one. It is all dirty international politics. It is clear that when USA veto resolutions against Israel in UNO, even after the reported incidents, when unarmed children and woman were crushed alive under Israelis tanks, it keep Israel's threat alive to the middle east countries and thus keep them under control, demand ransom and keep its weapon industry and economy alive. Reciprocally, if jews hold complete control over economy and media of USA, it is ok. After all jews are considered as the best businessman.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jews in America are a majority in the US Congress. Jews sought sanctuary in America...and established a solid base in that a way they could not be allowed to do in Europe.

    Seeing that America was desperate to give its soul to financial institutions with selfish outlooks....the Jews (remember Shylock of the Merchant of Venice?)...were available and ready to bank-roll the American government and all its institutions...demanding control of their policies and humanitarian minds in return.

    America has remained slavishly tied to the demonic Jews and their ways ever since....allowing these Jews to infiltrate Congress and every other area of American life, become a powerful majority...and influence policy in all areas...particularly where Palestinian and Arab issues are concerned. They saw this as a means to effecting vengeance against Arabs and Palestinians.

    Careful observation will always reveal that the majority of US policies have been geared to ensuring the creating of a Jewish superstate within the Arab world...whilst simultaneously ensuring the total annihilation of Arabs and their killing, maiming and systematically destroying its young men...women and children....a deliberate policy to ensure Arabs...particularly Palestinians...never have enough people in large numbers to form a viable Palestinian state...more so...enough young men to form a viable Army or credible fighting force to challenge Israel.

    They appear to have succeeded in all their aims so far...thanks to American policy by the Jewish majority in its midst...and thanks to their use of American weaponry in constantly attacking and killing in massive numbers Palestinians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Afghanistanis...and any other groups who dare oppose their selfishness, greed, killings. castration, unjustified abduction and imprisonment of Palestinians and inherent hatred for Arabs...

    The Jews go on and on about the treatment of their people during what they term the holocaust...and wear this round their necks like a chain...and dismiss their heartless treatment and killing of Palestinians as a daily occurrence. Is this not the real holocaust? How many Jews were killed over 60 years ago world-wide as claimed by the wicked and heartless Jews in America and Israel?

    How many Arabs have the Jews and their ally killed in the past 10 years?...Tot up the numbers...and keep wondering why your estimates and the American assisted Jewish killings have not been accorded the same term 'holocaust'.

    This is the real depicts the incessant and progressive policy of wiping out the Palestinians and entire Arab nations...based on their religion and Jewish hatred for Arabs.

    With this sort of American backed policy...the Jews will never find sympathy with people of the outside world and will never be liked because of their policy of hate, vengeful existence and dislike for non-Jewish people...particularly their inherent prejudice against Palestinians and Arabs.

    Well, not that the Jews are bothered...they have got American backing in all that they do...Most of all...they control America...why should they care what impression they make outside the US borders?

  • Moose
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    1 decade ago

    A lot of rich Jewish people are very influencial in America.

    thats not the only reason for the U.S.'s support for Israel today though

    the U.S. has to support Israel because no one else in the world does anymore. The whole world is fed up with Israels actions like they are fed up with the U.S.'s actions.

    Many of Israel's politicians are American and receive American support.

    Israel continues to abuse its power and its alliance with the United States because it never faces the consequences of its actions.

    why do you think the United States invaded Iraq and undermines Iran's sovereignty?

    they cant allow those muslim nations to become powerful because they are a threat to Israel.

    thats mainly the terrorists beef. i dont agree with their violence at all. but people dont get pissed off for nothing. unfortunately theyre too extreme and they murder people

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Sami is onto something. The thousands, hundreds of thousands, of dead Christian and Muslim Palestinians killed by USA weapons used by the new neighbor jews is another hint.

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